"90 Day Fiancé" star Jenny Slatten and her boyfriend, Sumit, have had the most intriguing storyline during the second season of "The Other Way." The couple is making a second appearance on the popular reality show, and fans hope that they will finally get their happy ending after they broke up last season.

Jenny and Sumit recently purchased a house in India, and after holding a traditional ritual to bless their new home, the couple moved in together in last Monday’s episode. However, Jenny’s latest Instagram picture confirmed she is living with Sumit.

In a reply to a comment she also said the picture was taken in India. This also seems to give a hint that the couple could already be married and happily living in India.

Jenny shared a picture

In her latest Instagram post, Jenny shared a picture of herself wearing a mask while hanging out at a mall. The American reality star told fans that they had to enjoy their lives, but she cautioned them to wear a mask whenever they go out in public. While her followers have appreciated her message, many have questioned why she took the picture without Sumit. Many viewers feel that the couple’s relationship could fail to work out because of their huge age difference.

Even though Sumit recently shared the details of his divorce with Jenny, the Indian reality star admitted that the divorce process could last for more than one year.

Sumit has also been unsuccessful in his attempts to convince his friends and family to accept his relationship with Jenny. In a past episode, Sumit’s friends made fun of Jenny’s age. They pointed out that the 62-year-old reality star was old enough to be Sumit’s grandmother. The 30-year age difference between Jenny and her 32-year-old boyfriend could prove to be a huge obstacle to overcome.

Sumit's family over Jenny

"90 Day Fiancé" viewers are looking forward to seeing how Sumit’s family members will treat Jenny in the upcoming episodes. Many fans have argued that the American reality star will have to convert to the Hindu religion if she wants Sumit’s conservative family to accept her. However, fans are not convinced of Jenny’s ability to adapt to a new religion, and remaining episodes could make, or break, her relationship with Sumit.

The stakes were raised after Jenny met up with Sumit’s brother, who explained that his family would never accept her due to her advanced age.

However, Jenny and Sumit have insisted that they are determined to make their relationship work. The two reality stars will have to reconsider their options if Sumit’s family rejects their relationship. Fans have suggested that the couple should move to the United States and start a new life together. It will be interesting to see whether or not Sumit will choose Jenny over his family. The upcoming episodes of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" will shed more light on the couple’s future.