Over the past few months, "90 Day Fiancé" star Nicole Nafziger has been stuck in Morocco because of the coronavirus pandemic. The American reality star had traveled to the African country for a vacation in March. She also reconnected with her boyfriend, Azan, during the trip. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to a ban on international flights in Morocco, and the two reality stars have spent the last four months together. Some fans have criticized Nicole for her continued stay in Morocco with Azan. They have complained that Nicole abandoned her six-year-old daughter, May, in the United States to be with her boyfriend.

Fans also accused Nicole of sharing clickbait video via her Instagram stories.

Nicole getting criticized

Despite receiving criticism from fans, the "90 Day Fiancé" star has insisted that she has not abandoned May. Over the weekend, Nicole’s mother, Robbalee Nafziger, came out to defend her daughter over claims that she has abandoned May. Robbalee posted a throwback picture of her two daughters, Nicole and Taylor as she celebrated the news that Taylor was pregnant. However, one fan took the opportunity to throw shade at Nicole. The fan congratulated Robbalee for the news about Taylor and expressed hope that she would be a better mother than Nicole. The fan claimed that Nicole had abandoned her daughter for Azan and added that May was lucky to have a caring grandmother.

Robbalee was not happy with the fan’s comment. She immediately clapped back at the fan by insisting that Nicole had not abandoned May. Instead, she explained that she was happy to spend more time with her granddaughter. She also claimed that Nicole was a caring mother, saying that the American reality star face times with her daughter every day.

Regarding Nicole’s relationship with Azan, Robbalee told fans to lay off her daughter because her relationship with her Moroccan boyfriend was not as simple as the fans had made it out to be.

The mother of '90 Day Fiancé' star defends her daughter

To conclude her post, Robbalee said that she did not mind spending time with her granddaughter.

She also told fans that Nicole would return to the United States as soon as Morocco lifts the ban on international flights. Robbalee pointed out that the coronavirus cases in Florida had risen drastically in the past few weeks, and she wouldn’t put any pressure on her daughter to return to America. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have praised Robbalee for standing with her daughter. In addition to her mother’s support, Nicole had also defended herself from the claims that she has abandoned her daughter. The former "90 Day Fiancé" star has asked fans to stop judging her life choices. She revealed that she had chosen to spend time with Azan, and she would not succumb to pressure from her followers. Nicole told fans that her daughter was enjoying spending time with her grandmother. After seeing Robbalee’s latest post, fans have praised her for standing up for Nicole.