Larissa dos Santos has never shied away from speaking her mind. It is no secret that the controversial reality star has a hot temper. Last year, she was convicted for assaulting her ex-husband, Colt Johnson. Larissa and Colt made a return to the "90 Day Fiancé" series this month as cast members on the fifth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." However, Larissa has raised concerns over her portrayal on the show. The Brazilian reality star took issue with the fact that she only had four minutes of screen time during last Sunday’s episode.

After the episode aired, Larissa took to Instagram to complain about her limited screen time, and she even threatened to boycott the show.

TLC reacts on Larissa's complaint

It appears that TLC took Larissa’s complaints seriously. According to Larissa, the network sent her a preview clip for the next episode in which Larissa was on a date with an unidentified gentleman. In the teaser video, Larissa and her date joked about her previous arrests. The Brazilian reality star admitted that she had been arrested on three separate occasions. Towards the end of the clip, Larissa’s new boyfriend told producers that he was not happy about her criminal record.

After posting the video clip, Larissa apologized for threatening to boycott the show.

She told fans that she had overreacted to last Sunday’s episode and claimed that she is happy with her storyline. The Brazilian reality star revealed that she had signed several non-disclosure agreements with TLC and that was the reason why she had stopped posting updates about her daily life for her fans. However, Larissa admitted that she is sad that she can’t interact with her fans regularly.

She promised that she would resume her frequent posts on Instagram once the season ended.

Larissa's new man

"90 Day Fiance" viewers are eager to find out whether Larissa will succeed in finding a new man. During this season’s first episode, Larissa broke up with her boyfriend, Eric. She said that her relationship with Eric had not made her happy because he was not romantic.

Larissa also added that Eric was cheap and that he did not fulfill her financial needs. Fans will have to tune in to next Sunday’s episode to find out more about her new boyfriend. In addition to her love life, Larissa will also have a breast job operation on the show. In the trailer released by TLC last month, it appeared as if Larissa’s operation ran into some major problems. During the operation, the Brazilian reality star lost her consciousness, and viewers will have to watch the show every week to find out if her operation was successful. Fans can count on Larissa to voice her displeasure if TLC fails to give them what they want.