"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Ronald and Tiffany split, but she visited him lately, so maybe they made up again. Unsurprisingly, the footage that TLC aired of Ronald in South Africa showed a lot of run-down areas. But, South Africa has some 5-star upmarket places as well. Perhaps that's why fans thought they were in Las Vegas in a recent photo. Others freaked a bit, thinking Ronald and Tiffany visited a casino. After all, fans know that Ronald has a gambling addiction.

Tiffany and Ronald of '90 Day Fiance' at Montecasino

A photo that Tiffany shared on Instagram earlier today (South Africa time) showed her and Ronald in a smart-looking upmarket place.

She captioned it with just some butterfly emojis. Plenty of fans commented and asked where they were. One fan noted it's South Africa and Tiffany flew across to see him recently. One fan who knows the place well said the photo's taken at a place called Montecasino. Fans grew extremely concerned about them being at a casino.

In fact, Montecasino in South Africa looks very much like some places in the USA. One person noted that it's got a "ceiling that resembles Cearar's Palace." Others thought they were actually in Vegas. Quite a lot of fans expressed their concern about them being in a city where gambling's common. Others assumed that because the place is called Montecasino, that they went to gamble together.

But, "90 Day Fiance" fans from South Africa basically told them to settle down.

Montecasino in South Africa, not Vegas - it has a casino

Admittedly, Montecasino does have a casino and it's not huge. In fact, it only forms one very small part of a high-end entertainment and shopping center. Not far from central Johannesburg, in the upmarket suburb of Sandton.

It's a popular family destination. In fact, the website for the place lists restaurants, bars, fashion, books, health and beauty outlets, movies, and much more. However, the place looks so American, that one fan even wrote, "Emperors palace? Or?" Not as crowded as Vegas, one fan even got alarmed, writing, "why is there no one around?

Is vegas that dead now "

As one South African noted in the comments, "Monte is actually full of restaurants, bowling alley, game arcades etc. Not just a casino, a part of Monte is a [casino] but many people, myself included, go there to have dinner." A few other South African "90 Day Fiance" fans agreed they also love going to Montecasino for the shops and restaurants. So, maybe fans who worry about them going to Vegas to gamble can relax.

Bear in mind that even though there's a small casino in the huge complex, it's not likely Tiffany would actually take Ronald inside to gamble. After all, one of her biggest worries is that Ronald might relapse. What did you think about the photo of Tiffany and Ronald?

Did you think they went to Las Vegas to gamble? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section.

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