In recent ''The Young and the Restless'' episodes, Eric unveiled his fake death to frame Adam. Eric then told Nikki the truth, worried that she might fall back into alcoholism, reacting to the news of his passing. Billy, on the other hand, is prey to his mental demons. Delia, his dead daughter, has returned to put him in front of his responsibilities. Of course it's a hallucination, but it will help give an unexpected turn to the soap opera. The return of Delia will bring out the truth about her real murderer. According to Soap Dirt, Adam Abbott could be innocent.

So, who really killed Delia? Among the latest news, there is the possible return of Thom Bierdz in ''Y&R'' in the role of Phillip Chancellor III.

'The Young and the Restless': Phillip Chancellor III coming to Genoa City?

The latest ''Y&R'' rumors suggest that a new character will make his entry into the soap opera aired on CBS. Last summer, Chance and Phillip went to Mount Himalaja, and then disappeared or almost disappeared from the plots. However, Chance Chancellor's name has been mentioned several times by several characters, including Jill.

According to Soap Dirt's hypothesis, another Chancellor might arrive in Genoa City, perhaps played by Thom Bierdz. In this case, one of the iconic characters of the soap would be brought back.

Bierdz, at least for the moment, is not engaged in work projects, so he may be available to join again in ''The Young and The Restless'' cast.

Chancellors vs Devon in 'The Young and The Restless'

Other interesting rumors suggest that if Thom Bierdz returns and plays Phillip Chancellor III, the storylines will suffer a shock.

Years ago, Devon got the biggest share of Katherine's estate, 75%. The remaining assets have been divided between Chance, Phillip, Nina Webster, Brock, and Mackenzie. The issue still seems to be a burning one. Will Devon go to court after a possible alliance of the Chancellors? We'll see.

Fans are also waiting to find out how two more storylines will evolve.

Eric isn't dead, so will he succeed in his goal of settling his family's differences? For the moment, it seems there's only big trouble. Also, Billy will have to deal once and for all with his mental illness and his double personality. Billy will continue to have frightening hallucinations that will affect not only Delia but also his parents. With deep and difficult work on himself, Billy could go behind the scenes disconcerting about the death of his daughter, and, in this case, the character of Adam could be redeemed. Will we see Thomas Bierdz in the next ''The Young and the Restless'' episodes on CBS? Stay tuned to find out.