Sylvester Stallone has been portraying the role of the iconic character John Rambo, the Vietnam War veteran, for more than three decades. He began with “First Blood” in 1982 and his latest one “last blood” will release this September. It seems he was supposed to die in the first movie itself but director Ted Kotcheff agreed to change the script and the rest is history. The original script was for Rambo to take his own life during a standoff with police towards the end of the movie. However, the character that was not destined to survive the first film in 1982 has gone on to mint millions.

News AU explains the background for the revised ending. The filming was complete with director Ted Kotcheff opting for “Rambo’s suicide mission.” His logic was simple – Vietnam War veterans usually think on these lines, but Stallone suggested that the director consider an alternative ending. Before release, a select group of viewers saw both versions and voted for the revised one.

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ last in the series

Stallone has so far starred in four Movies where he portrays the character of John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran. His journey began with “First Blood” in 1982 followed by “Rambo: First Blood Part II” in 1985, “Rambo III” in 1988 and “Rambo” in 2008.

The fifth in the list is “Rambo: Last Blood” set for release in September. Its director Adrian Grunberg told a section of the media - “The violence is there but I think you’ll find that — although it is at times very violent — there is a thought process to it.” There is nothing much known about the storyline but it seems Rambo has to tackle Mexico's most ruthless drug cartels.

It happens when one of his friend's daughter is kidnapped, and Rambo decides to rescue her. He crosses the U.S.-Mexico border. News AU adds that there is a lot of action but Rambo is selective on who he kills – “he doesn’t kill anybody who doesn’t deserve to die.” Action in movies of this nature are of a different genre compared to animated action of sci-fi movies because here the viewer can relate to the happenings.

This movie could be a box-office hit

According to Screen Rant, Sylvester Stallone will once again be seen after a long absence following “Rambo” in 2008. He will reprise his role as John Rambo for the fifth time in “Last Blood.” It could become the biggest box office opening in the history of the franchise. Stallone came on the scene as a traumatized Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. The first movie “First Blood” was about his battle with the authorities in a small town. In “Last Blood,” the audience will see him leading a retired life but he returns to action to help a friend.

Those in the know predict a gross earning of between $21 and $24 million during the U.S. opening weekend for the movie. The marketing team has portrayed it as being not just violent, but at the end of the road for John Rambo.