"The Young and the Restless" rumor mill indicates that Devon Hamilton will get the shock of his life on Thursday. He will answer a knock at his door and come face to face with his dead wife Hilary. Mishael Morgan returns to Genoa City but this time around she will be portraying an attorney by the name of Amanda Sinclair. There is no news yet regarding whether or not Amanda and Devon will become romantic or if this will be strictly business. If the writers put these two individuals back together again, this will cause trouble for Elena who is currently dating Neil's son.

This lookalike will probably stun everyone in town.

Devon will be stunned on Thursday

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Hub indicate that Devon Hamilton will get the shock of his life on Thursday when he answers his door. Mishael Morgan will be staring at him, but she will no longer portray Hilary who viewers know died in an auto accident. This time around the actress will cast as lawyer Amanda Sinclair. The rumor mill does not say but she more than likely will have something to do with Katherine's will being contested. She may be representing the party who is suing Devon, or perhaps he heard of her skills and hired her sight unseen.

When Mishael Morgan did not renew her "Y&R" contract it was rumored that she had problems with then-head writer Mal Young.

During Young's time on the CBS daytime drama, Christel Khalil went on the recurring status and Elieen Davidson left her decades-long role as Ashley. Since Josh Griffith took over the helm, Davidson has returned several times, it's rumored that Khalil might be coming back, and now Morgan will appear on Thursday, though not as Hilary.

Mishael Morgan's return will be complex

Many "Y&R" viewers may be elated that Mishael Morgan is back in Genoa City, while others may be disappointed that she is portraying a different character. Those who are enjoying the relationship between Devon and Elena may not want another woman in the picture. Devon grieved for his wife and their unborn child, and later saw her "ghost." She has continued to be in the picture even though he has moved on with Elena.

Mishael Morgan returning Genoa City as Amanda Sinclair will be a complex situation because she will remind everyone of Hilary. Time will tell whether or not this new character will work out, and if she will be paired with Devon. It will be interesting to see if her resemblance to his former wife intrigues Devon or repels him and what it means for Elena. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to find out how this situation will ultimately play out. Make sure you don't miss Thursday's exciting episode because it is going to be must-see TV.