"Dog The Bounty Hunter" star Beth Chapman passed away from cancer just weeks back in June. Seen out with a woman in Los Angeles this weekend, a number of tabloids like Hollywood Life ran the story that Duane "was grinning from ear to ear as he stood next to his beautiful dinner companion while they waited outside the restaurant for their car." The slant of these stories is that Duane 'Dog'' found a new love already. Bonne Chapman, daughter of Beth slammed the media reports on the "mystery woman."

Bonnie, Chapman daughter of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' slams tabloid media

Bonnie loved her mom very much and she certainly cares for dad, 'Dog.' The family's only just dealt with the fact her beloved mom Beth Chapman passed away after her brave fight against cancer.

Still grieving, as it takes time, Dog gets on with his work. "Dog the Bounty Hunter " popular, and now he works on getting the shooting done for their upcoming new show, "Dog's Most Wanted." So, Bonnie was furious when she read the words, "The 66-year-old was spotted with a brunette mystery woman dressed up to the nines for a dinner at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles on August 10."

Well, taking to her Instagram Stories, Bonnie slammed that report and similar ones. On her IG Stories, she wrote, "P*ssed on my father's behalf that he can't go on a business dinner without someone speculating he's on a date." She added, "Leave our family alone, please. Leave my father alone.

Let him try to continue his business in peace."

'Mystery woman' was an employee, others present

Furious at the suggestion her father disrespected his wife and star of "Dog the Bunty Hunter," Bonnie added to her first IG Story with another card.

She said, "If you really wanna know who she is, she's a member of our crew and dad was out with 8 other people at that dinner." The Blast was one of the first news sites to verify that in fact, this was not an intimate date with a 'mystery woman.'

The Blast checked out the story about Beth Chapman's husband already being in a new relationship.

Yahoo News carried the story by Whitney Vasquez. She noted, "The show's cast and crew are currently in Los Angeles promoting the show, which is set to air in September." In fact, it turns out that she was with other people and she's known Beth and Duane Dog for years. No wonder that Bonnie Chapman's so furious. It's a difficult enough time for the family is it is without stories like this.

'Dog' throws himself into his work on the new 'Bounty Hunter'-style show

As we can see, that story angered Bonnie so much.

After all, Beth Chapman died a short while ago. She was so hoping to see the new show 'Dog's Most Wanted,' but she never made it. However, Dog's carrying on with the show and it can't be easy for him. For fans of the couple, they look forward to the premiere in a bittersweet way. They like the idea of seeing Beth Chapman in her final role on camera, and yet their hearts break for their beautiful star and her family.

Bonnie Chapman slammed tabloid media over the angle of the story about the "mystery woman." Beth Chapman would have done the same thing if she were still about with her beloved husband "Dog The Bounty Hunter." Beth was never scared to confront speculative reporting in her time.

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