The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Victor is about to be exposed by Nikki. Victor knows where Adam is and has paid for a psychiatrist. The truth will come out thanks to the discovery of an invoice paid to the therapist and signed by Victor himself. Meanwhile, Lily and Cane's love is over. Divorce seems to be the only possible solution. It remains to be seen to whom the twins will be entrusted. If exclusive custody is opted for, Lily or Cane could leave Genoa City permanently. This solution would not please the fans, eager that both actors playing Cane and Lily remain in the cast.

The Young and the Restless spoilers also say that Adam will soon be back in the soap and that Victor will play an important role in this storyline.

Lily and Cane say goodbye, love at the end

Spoilers for The Young and the Restless (Y&R) reveal that Lily and Cane are close to divorce. The end of their love will disappoint fans of the soap opera. Lily's arrest and imprisonment have kept her away from Cane for a long time, helping to extinguish her passion. The couple had problems even in the past and Lily's arrest could only make the situation worse. Their marriage is over. We also know that while Lily was following a rehabilitation course after prison, Cane and Vickie kissed each other. It was not a single occasion, as we have seen.

Lily discovered her husband's betrayal thanks to Billy's revelation. GH spoilers also say that after the divorce, Lily could leave the city and move away forever. Who will be entrusted with the twins? A new storyline opens up that will see Lily and Cane still close to each other to arrange parental visits. According to some fans, however, Lily could get into trouble and complicate her situation even more.

Victor hides a shocking secret about Adam

The Young and the Restless spoilers also tease Victor is hiding something important from his family. Nikki, after all his lies, will make an unexpected decision. Victoria and Kikki, on the other hand, discover Victor's bill for a psychiatrist and are shocked by it. Why did Victor choose to rely on the care of a psychiatrist?

Nikki will be sure that the meeting with the therapist has another explanation. The mysterious patient could be Adam himself, as fans now know that his return to the soap opera is imminent. The hypothesis is that Victor has found Adam prey to amnesia and that he is helping him to treat himself with the help of a psychiatrist. Other news about soap reveals that Victor could confess to Nikki that he found Adam alive, creating a new storyline. Follow along for new Young and the Restless spoilers.