"Seeking Sister Wife" Season 2 just ended. During the show and the Tell-All, fans noticed Bernie McGee's hair changed from gray to several shades of dark. At one stage, he appeared to sport a dark shade that got fans on social media giggling. Now, he posted a live video where he talked about it. The original video talked about how fans misconstrued something Paige said about a child on her live feed. During this talk about keeping kids out of it, he invited followers to share the video, which one YouTube channel did. You can see it below and the section about his hair starts at 3:59.

Bernie McGee video about why his 'Seeking Sister Wife' appearance changed

Followers of the "Seeking Sister Wife" show know that he and his wife Paige were keen on courting Brandy. It never worked out, but perhaps Bernie felt if he lost the gray, he'd look more appealing. Certainly, he's not apologetic about his little act of personal vanity, and why not? Other TV shows people do all sorts of things to look good on camera. In his video, he said that now, he "tried to get the gray back out." However, "it's not as gray as it was" before he dyed it.

Bernie continued, explaining his "black [hair] was actually an accident." In fact, he just tried to turn it "a little darker than it is right now." However, someone told him it was "too dark." That meant that he tried to "lighten it up." Bernie then mentioned that when he "tried to lighten it up, it turned green." Fans already giggling about his hair color changes must be laughing at the news of green Bernie.

Gray to black, to green, and more shades of hair for 'Seeking Sister Wife' suitor

In his "Seeking Sister Wife" hair video, Bernie mentions more colors for his hair. Somewhat like a chameleon, he ended up looking like he'd been "swimming in a chlorine-infested swimming pool." So, he went back and tried again, asking "the guy to darken it up just a little bit." Bernie says he trusted the guy to get it right and encouraged him to make his hair "look good." However, it seems he was a bit reluctant, but Bernie had "more confidence than he did." Eventually, he got it right.

However, along the way fans of "Seeking Sister Wife" noted some colors. Bernie explains that after one change, he ended up with the bottom looking "jet black. However, the top of his hair came out "completely copper." Look, there's really no denying that Paige and Bernie McGee attracted loads of followers. They either love the couple, or they hate on them.

However, the haters all enjoyed a giggle on social media about Bernie's hair colors. Bernie described it in the video as a bit of a "controversy," but to haters in forums it was simply hilarious, so they didn't mind.

Bernie McGee finally gets his hair color right

Bernie finally got the hair color right, but he decided that at some point," you have to go all black." So, black it was. At that stage of the video, Paige interrupts with a black and white toy doggie, saying it was all a "drama." You might want to skip that part of the vid.

Now, as we can see in the video, Bernie looks very much like he did at the beginning of the show when we saw him in the preview for the season.

What did you think of Bernie McGee's hair color changes on the show? Did you giggle?

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