"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" turned out to be a massive success in the box office as the movie generated a whopping $103.5 million against an $8.5 million budget. The latest "Dragon Ball" film is once again a testament of how popular the series has become, especially in the North American market where it earned around $30 million.

With that in mind, everyone is now clamoring for the second season of the "Dragon Ball" Superseries. The first season ended in a cliffhanger with so many questions left unanswered at the conclusion of the Tournament of the Power Saga.


Will Goku and Jiren cross path again? Will Vegeta finally meet the King Vegeta of Universe 6’s Planet Salada? Who is that greater evil in Universe 6?

There are certainly a number of interesting storylines to look forward to in this ever-expanding "Dragon Ball Super" saga. However, one aspect of the series that keeps fans more excited is the new power levels our friendly Saiyans could achieve in the second season.

Saiyans, as any "Dragon Ball" fan would know, have the ability to break barriers when push comes to shove.

Goku achieving the Ultra Instinct – a technique so rare of reaching even to Gods of Destructions – is proof that Saiyans are simply extraordinary creatures. That’s said, it’s easy to say that it won’t be the last power-ups in this series. New seasons can only mean new power levels for Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and the rest of the crew, right?

We are jumping the gun a bit here, but there’s no harm in starting speculations on our Saiyans’ new power levels.

Son Goku/Vegeta – Super Saiyan 4

Now, this is a tricky one.


For longtime "Dragon Ball" fans, you all know that Goku and then, later on, Vegeta achieved Super Saiyan 4 in the "Dragon Ball GT" series. However, the GT series is a non-cannon rendition of the saga, which means Super Saiyan 4 hasn’t made its "Dragon Ball" main storyline debut just yet.

Fortunately for those who love this power level, Super Saiyan 4 Goku or/and Vegeta might finally appear in the upcoming season. In "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," Paragus mentioned that Broly once achieved an Oozaru level though in humanoid form when he cut down his son’s tail during one of his violent rampages.

There’s no mistake about it, that’s a Super Saiyan 4 and Broly unlocked it first rather than Goku and Vegeta.

Moreover, with the evil sorcerer Moro finally revealing his true power in the ongoing "Galatic Patrol Prisoner" arc of the "DBS" manga, speculations are high that either Goku or Vegeta would turn into Super Saiyan 4.

Gohan – mastered Super Saiyan Blue

It’s about time for Gohan to re-enter into the spotlight. Let’s not forget that Goku was supposed to pass the baton to Gohan as the star of the show when the latter completely obliterated Cell.


But destiny and Akira Toriyama proved us wrong. Many years later, it remains and will continue to be Goku as the main protagonist of the "Dragon Ball Super " series. Gohan, on the other hand, gets buried in the storylines to the point where fans no longer value his character at all. For a guy who first achieved Super Saiyan 2, his career trajectory from hero to zero is really something else.

Expectation is the name of the game here, but there’s a feeling in the air that Gohan will have his proper re-introduction as a powerful Saiyan. In Season 2, the furious battles Gohan experienced during the Tournament of Power would 'hopefully' rekindle the competitive fire in him, forcing him to start training with Wiz, and yes, achieve the Mastered Super Saiyan Blue. There, I said it!

Vegeta – Ultra Instinct

Speaking of character development, this one is probably on top of everybody’s wishlist. Just Imagine, the Prince of Saiyans Vegeta turning into a God-like creature by unlocking Ultra Instinct. And it’s not just wishful thinking by all means. In fact, the clamor of Vegeta becoming equal to his rival, Goku, is steadily building up. Toriyama did give fans what they wanted when Vegeta unleashed his Super Saiyan God in the "DBS: Broly" movie. Now, it’s time for him to go ‘all in’ with Vegeta and that can be done with the Ultra Instinct transformation.