Chapter 46 of "Dragon Ball Super" came to me and I read in full, so here's my usual coverage on the manga. The new pages of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga confirm the incredible power of Moro. Is the new villain really unstoppable? Let's check it out.

Chapter 46 of "Dragon Ball Super" opens with the continuation of the clash between Vegeta and Moro. Later in the episode, Son Goku joined the battle. Recall that Moro has absorbed vital energy from the planet Neo Namek and the Ki from the bodies of the two protagonists.


It means that the Saiyans can no longer transform themselves. As the battle proceeds, Kakaroth and the prince fail to fight the enemy in any way and are almost on the point of succumbing. Moreover, Son Goku cannot even use the Teleport to escape. Unfortunately, Moro manages to inflict a deadly coup de grace on the two heroes, giving life to a sensational coup de theater.

Battle in 'Dragon Ball Super'

Chapter 46 was recently published on the pages of Shūeisha's monthly magazine. This chapter has already upset and surprised the fans and readers of the opera in front of Moro's chilling force.

Without a doubt, "Dragon Ball Super" has shown us the incredible powers of Goku and Vegeta. But now the attention of the public seems to move from the couple to one of the most fearsome characters, Moro.

Once again focusing on the conflict between Moro and the two Saiyans, the last chapter showed a new and frightening power of the sorcerer who knocked out our heroes after depriving them of their Ki. This, apparently in a completely unexpected way, has fueled his last transformation, leading him to acquire new powers similar to those of a Super Saiyan.


Moro's power

The villain begins to completely absorb the vital energy of Goku and Vegeta, starting to rejuvenate and leaving the two Saiyans on the ground, defeated and dying. After this terrible massacre, Moro plans to search the Dragon Balls around Neo Namek. At the same time, Bulma is worried about the fate of her husband and dear friend and decides to contact the Galactic Patrol.

Meanwhile, three days pass and Goku and Vegeta are rescued by the Elder Sage and a child named Esca, who has the same healing powers as Dende and puts the two Saiyans back on their feet.

Unfortunately, the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol has already destroyed three Namekiani villages and is preparing to exterminate the fourth to obtain a new sphere. It seems that not even the intervention of a Super Namekian, composed by the strongest warriors of Neo Namek, manages to stop Moro. After this incredible destruction, Moro seems younger, stronger, and more evil than ever.