Week after week, "Sword Art Online: Alicization" is proposing an amazing sword fight between Kirito, his friend Eugeo and the powerful Knights Supplements of the corrupt Church. Judging by the first spoilers of the next episode, this lucky trend will not be interrupted so soon. According to ComicBook, a new promo of the anime has been released by the makers recently.


The first four unreleased screenshots, taken from the eighteenth episode of "Sword Art Online: Alicization," which will be titled "The legendary hero," suggest that the Eugeo swordsman will be forced to face the most talented Knight Integrator at service of the Administrator, Bercouli Synthesis One, ie the hero mentioned since the first episode of the third series of SAO.


At the end of the last episode [VIDEO], if you remember, Eugeo found himself inside a huge bathroom, where a practically naked knight kindly asked him to wait a little longer. As suggested by the screenshots available below, the warrior will wear light clothing even during the fight with Eugeo.

The fourth and last screenshot shows us finally the beautiful Alice still outside the Central Cathedral, where the girl and the protagonist Kirito await the decline of darkness in order to continue with the climb.

Since the swordsman has promised the companion of misadventures to resume their duel as soon as they are safe, the next episode promises really exciting twists.

A few days after the spread of the screenshots taken from the next episode of "Sword Art Online: Alicization," the official trailer is finally available. As suggested by the most recent spoilers, the protagonist Kirito seems destined to bind to a certain person.

The trailer

The trailer of the new episode of "Sword Art Online: Alicization" shows us the swordsman Kirito and the beautiful Alice in a situation of extreme danger.


After falling from Central Cathedral, the life of the two warriors is literally just a thread. Since only Kirito's sword, stuck in the tower walls, prevents them from falling, the two boys will have to bury the hatchet and try to cooperate, if they want to survive.

The trailer images suggest that the memories of the protagonist Kirito could finally resurface, as his tears will trigger an important change in Alice's behavior. Is it possible that this unfortunate accident allows the two childhood friends to restore the lost bond? The answer to this question lies in the upcoming episode.

The anime's third season will be making its big Toonami debut on February 9 with a one-hour long premiere. Stay tuned for more updates on anime.