"One Piece" Chapter 932 is, undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated parts of the series. The highlight of the episode will be the Sanji and Page One's battle. According to Okatukart, it seems like fans are getting it early as the newest chapter's spoilers and raw scans have arrived. Meanwhile, raw scans of Chapter 932 suggest that this part of the anime will start with Shogun Orochi and his subordinates watching Komurasaki excellently play music. While everyone is busy at the banquet, Strawhat Pirates archaeologist Nico Robin has been caught by the Oniwabanshu, the squad of ninjas who serve Shogun Orochi, while she’s roaming around the mansion. Below are the raw scans of the upcoming chapter.


Synopsis of One Piece Chapter 932

Now Fukurokuju attacks Robin but he hits nothing as his target was a phantom Robin, an interesting advantage to her ability. During the escape, Robin calls Nami, Brook, and Shinubo informing them that there are ninjas around. The scene moved to Orochi while he’s talking about the 20th year after Oden died.

In "One Piece, Chapter 932," Sanji’s fight continues, and we see more abilities of the Raid Suit.

Sanji is getting better at using it, but at the same time, Page One is getting serious as well. However, Sanji thrashes page one, who is then knocked out. It is important to note that while wearing Soba Mask, Sanji can project his background onto his own body, making it impossible for the enemies to see him. Sanji admitted that he has been dreaming about acquiring the power of invisibility (Soba Mask) since he was a kid.

Chopper and the rest of his group were the ones who discovered Big Mom, and it’s speculated that the two will form a flimsy bond in the upcoming release.


Chopper is not really cut out for lying but Nami is. The Straw Hats’ navigator is one of the most prolific tricksters in the series so she wouldn’t have a problem convincing Big Mom that they are friends. The previous chapters of "One Piece" hinted that Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy is still far from reaching the level of a Yonko. When he and Emperor Kaido engaged in a one-on-one fight.

Caesar Clown

"One Piece Chapter 132" raw scans also shows Caesar Clown on the cover as he writes a member search notice to create a new lethal weapon.

We then return to the adventures in Wanokuni, where Sanji is still facing Page One, the spinosaur. The captain of Straw Hat's chef still has the uniform Stealth Black and ends the clash with a mighty kick, then fade.

Since there is no announcement, from the previous chapter, that there will be a delay, we are expecting to see the official "One Piece, Chapter 932," on February 11, in the Shonen Jump Issue. Stay tuned for more news and updates on anime.