"One Piece, Chapter 132" will release on February 11. It seems that the Wanokuni arc in "One Piece" is heading towards the first battle between Orochi and the other Samurai country leaders. After seeing Sanji face Page One, Kaido's subject, a new fight arrives and a lot of information from the first spoilers of chapter 132. The previous chapter really caught many "One Piece" fans off guard. Who else would think that the Yonko who plans to kill the Straw Hat Pirates will lose her memories? Well, this is far from expected and, since it already happened, Big Mom’s memory loss is a big turn of event.


Page One is reached by X-Drake, to whom he mentions the shadow man. Queen, another of Kaido's strongest subordinates, is also shown, and in the new presentation her fruit is mentioned, that is the Pig Pig of ancestral type, with a transformation similar to an entelodon. Meanwhile, Kid and Luffy escape from prison.

Raw scans of One Piece Chapter 132

In the "One Piece, Chapter 132," fans will see that Robin is surrounded by the Oniwabanshu, the group of ninja who guards the castle. The girl stops being a demon come to control the flow of money in the capital.

Fukurojuku attacks Robin, but disappears, revealing a fake Robin created by his devil's fruit. The real woman is escaping from the castle and calls Nami, Brook, and Shinobu to warn them of the presence of at least 11 ninjas in the castle.

Spoilers of One Piece Chapter 132

During the banquet in the castle, Orochi, in the presence of Komurasaki and Kyoshiro, says that they have reached their twentieth year, since the death of Oden, so soon, the vengeance announced by Toki will arrive. Orochi's subordinates seem to be impatient for these statements and one of them, tired of hearing the same thing repeated, answers "again?" Orochi then launches an explanation on the strength and cunning of Kinemon.


He then claims that the son of the latter is still alive and is trying to reform the Kozuki clan to defeat Kaido.

Everyone is tempted to laugh because they believe that the king is crazy, but nobody does it. A laugh is raised instead by Otoko, which makes Orochi cloak. The man draws his sword, but the oiran Komurasaki gets up and slaps him, making the shogun even more infuriated, which turns into a snake with several heads. Meanwhile, Robin is captured by the Oniwabanshu. In the chaos that is generated, Kyoshiro begins to draw the sword.

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