"Dragon Ball Super" has just entered its new narrative arc. It's an adventure that seems to be dotted with little references and quotes that Toyotaro has disseminated in his work. The "DBS" anime series has introduced a slew of very powerful fighters during its time, and it seems another has joined the list.

Powerful villain

As fans now know, the goat-like being was a prisoner of the Galactic Patrol, a detention lasting for millennia. Thanks to the last chapter, we learned that the evil sorcerer, Moro, has the ability to use a power that refers directly to another fundamental character from the past.


The evil fighter and sorcerer once challenged the gods themselves, and, since escaping prison, he has but one goal: getting his hands on the Namekian Dragon Balls. He has long dark nails and tufts of fur on his shoulders. He dresses in long red robes with a hood and has baggy dark pants with a fur pelt wrapped around his waist and white bandages around his wrists and ankles.

Now, the new saga has moved to Neo Namek, with the revelation that it all originated from a soldier of the Freezer army. Also, the Dragon Balls have returned, to be the master, as a diegetic engine of the story.

Meanwhile, after the introduction of the new characters, Goku and Vegeta have returned to a place that has not been seen in a saga for a long time, Neo Namek.

When Moro gets to New Namek, he finds that Goku and Vegeta have arrived there ahead of him, and are not going to let him take the Dragon Balls without a fight. Talking about Cell, who comes from the future to absorb the Androids 17 and Android 18 to become the perfect being. He was able to use his tail to absorb the vital energy of people, which led him to make a massacre in order to increase his power. Moro does the same thing as soon as he arrives on Neo Namek, or at least he would have done it if Vegeta had not prevented it.


Terrifying power of Moro

Meanwhile, according to ComicBook, a fact that makes Moro's ability even more disturbing is undoubtedly deducible from the words of Goku, "he could sense that I was searching for him!... It's like nothing I've felt before... His chi itself wasn't that huge, but it was terrifying. I've never felt anything like it. It was as if a whole lot of people were screaming in pain." This makes the battle against the Mangia Planets even more important, not enough its dangerousness but also the fact that the universe could be destroyed.

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