"Aquaman 2" is already on its way, according to a report by The Wrap. In fact, the original "Aquaman" movie only premiered in December, but the new sequel's on the cards. Actually, the movie took in more than $1 billion for Warner Bros., who now bring in David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick as the writer. The Wrap reminds us that he wrote with Will Beall for the original.

'Aquaman 2' Johnson-McGoldrick, writer, James Wan, and Peter Safran

The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "James Wan, who helmed the first movie and worked with Johnson-McGoldrick on The Conjuring 2, is making a deal to return as producer, as is Peter Safran." However, they add that Wan may not direct the movie.

Incidentally, the spinoff, "The trench," got the green light ahead of the sequel to the blockbuster "Aquaman." Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald will probably script the spinoff movie.

The original "Aquaman" that debuted in China brought home some good figures from day one, so it is a little bit surprising that it took two months to get a sequel on the go. However, the much-hyped “Justice League,” didn't do as well as hoped. This was in spite of the fact that mega-superheroes like Wonderwoman, Batman, and Superman featured in it. Nevertheless, shakeups sometimes get the job done, and "Aquaman's" performance was just what Warner Bros. needed.

Casting for 'Aquaman 2'

Gamespot mentioned that we can probably expect to see Amber Heard back, and no doubt for a hefty salary.

Jason Momoa is also assumed to come back with a bigger package. The Hollywood Reporter noted back in December that Amber Heard raked in around a million dollars for her role as Mera.

Meanwhile, whoever else acts in it, Warner still brings in the bucks on the first "Aquaman" that sits in the top ten at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo.

The original cast included Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Patrick Wilson. It's not known at this time if they will come back for the sequel.

Fan reactions on Twitter

Generally, fans reacted well to the news, but some of them commented they would only watch if Wan directs the action. The leaked news by The Wrap came just days after Heroic Hollywood reported that "Warner Bros.

has no immediate plans for "Aquaman 2.'"

What do you think of the news from The Wrap that "Aquaman 2" is actually on the cards? Will you watch it if it's written by Johnson-McGoldrick and produced/directed by James Wan?

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