At the beginning of 2018 "Super Dragon Ball Super" finished and only weeks later it was announced that a film was being prepared which would arrive in Japanese cinemas on December 14. It seemed that during the past year fans would not see more productions. However, "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" was announced and released by surprise through YouTube.

"Dragon Ball Heroes [VIDEO]" ended with Goku's assumed death, so fans are hoping to see him again in the next arc of the anime.

What I know is that the broadcast of these chapters will continue with the saga "Universal Conflict," following up from the incredible fights and events of the "Prison Planets arc." "Dragon Ball Heroes" has met with many expectations because it is a fan-type of anime to promote the very popular card game in Japan.


Lately, the production revealed information about the next saga of this special series.

'Universal Conflict'

The new saga of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" will be called "Universal Conflict," and fans will see characters from the Power Tournament anime. Here, I share the synopsis of this next installment. "Trunks, Vegeta [VIDEO]and the others managed to escape from the Planetary Prison. Before they can heal their wounds, they will receive information that Universe 6 is under attack. What does it hold for Vegeta and the others as they head towards the universe to face an unknown enemy? Fierce battles between the strongest warriors of each universe are prepared while the curtain opens for the new arc of the '"Universal Conflict." The first chapter of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" already has a title.


It will be called" Zamasu revived?! raise the curtain on the Arc of Universal Conflict!"

According to Comic Book, "the next arc teases that the multiverse will be "devastated" as a group of six villains will attempt to assassinate the Omni-King."

Zamasu's return

The sixth episode of "Heroes" ended with a great twist. Zamasu, with a team composed of the mysterious Tsufuru, made his comeback and seemed to harbor some truly evil plans against our heroes. However, his entry left the fans, to say the least, amazed. In fact, that Zamasu was definitely eliminated in the animated series of "Dragon Ball Super," as well as in the manga, and that his existence was completely erased from any dimensional plan due to the intervention of the supreme Lord Zeno. It should be almost impossible for the god to be back and the fans wonder how this is possible. Stay tuned for more anime updates.