The new "Dragon Ball Heroes" arc is set to begin with Episode 7 of the promotional series. As anticipated, fans know that the animated series of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" brings together various characters from the different series related to the Dragon Ball franchise in surprising in special ways, as well as new. Among these additions officially stands out the figure of Cooler, the evil brother of Freeza and antagonist in the OVAS "Dragon Ball Z: The fate of the Saiyan."

According to ComicBook, "Cooler, who's next move may be just as surprising as his alliance with Trunks as the "Dragon Ball Heroes" anime heads into its next arc." Its role is not yet fully understood, but according to the official "Dragon Ball Heroes" website, it is very likely that its arrival is not entirely negative.


Cooler's next move

To the surprise of the fans, it is very likely that Cooler decides to line up alongside Trunks, forming an alliance with the latter and our heroes. The Prison Planet events are coming to an end. Surely the last episode of the promotional anime has helped to put together useful elements to understand what will be the next move of the group, anticipating and introducing a new narrative arc entitled "Universal Conflict: The debut of the war!."

In the last episode, we saw in action Super Fu's intent on fighting against Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno despite the collapse of the world around them.

The goal seems to be achieved, and Fu decides to leave the scene through a portal created by him. But before the gate closes definitively, we see Cooler cross the gash. Fu's main intent would seem to be the awakening of Zamasu along with a few others, as fans can see during the end of the episode. Although Cooler is part of the Prison Planet experiment, without a doubt, fans can consider him an enemy of Fu.

Cooler first appeared in the anime after helping Trunks escape from prison, thus acting as a kind of ally.


This was confirmed later. It is likely that Cooler plays a key role in the story and the capture of Fu, perhaps because of his being imprisoned by the latter. Surely it is a matter of time, and soon we will find out what the real intentions of this character are.

Zamasu's return

According to Comic Book, the sixth episode of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" ended with a great twist. Zamasu made his comeback with an evil plan. Fans were amazed by his appearance.

Zamasu had been eliminated in the animated series of "Dragon Ball Super" and the manga.

The intervention of Zenu removed Zamasu from existence.