The story has just begun in the "Dragon Ball Super," and the manga is expanding the history of the universe by presenting an ancient enemy, Moro the devourer of planets, and sees the return of the Kaiohs of the Universe 7. But there is also another individual who has just appeared, the Merus galactic patrol, which has already shown great combat capabilities.

Galactic Patrol

The galactic patrol is one of the elite organization of "Dragon Ball Super," and has already shown both Goku and Vegeta in its abilities.


In the last chapter of the manga, the two Saiyans are presented to Merus, who will accompany them on their first mission on planet Jung. Here they will find the Macareni brothers, a band of outlaws while trying to steal the Blue Aurum, a fuel of high value. The mission seems complicated when the brothers separate the train where the Blue Aurum is traveling in two parts, but right now Merus decides to really show his skills.

Merus, thanks to the use of some technological gadgets such as rocket boots and a blaster, deals alone with the whole Macareni band, with just a little support from Jaco.

But what amazes me the most is the speed of the galactic patrol, a speed so high that not even Goku and Vegeta manage to follow his movements. Precisely for this reason, at the end of the mission, Vegeta will openly ask him how he can move in that way and will warn him that he will keep an eye on him to discover the source of his power. Precisely because of this, some fans of "Dragon Ball Super" have thought of a theory that would see Merus being in league with the saga's antagonist, Moro, and therefore his power could be a derivative of the ancient sorcerer.


Moro's power

Talking about the power, after reading chapter 43 of "Dragon Ball Super," released during December on the pages of V-Jump, more details are available on the strength level of Moro, the new villain of the narrative arc of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner." Fans already knew that the convict was the oldest antagonist ever appeared in the franchise and also that its disproportionate strength was able to drain life from the planets to the point of requiring the intervention of a portentous being like the Dai Kaioshin.

It was later discovered that Dai Kaioshin lost much of his divine power to stop Moro and that is why, 5 million years later, Majin Buu managed to absorb it. Returning to the villain, in any case, it was known through the Galactic Patrol that still Moro has such a strength that no one has ever managed to kill him.