With the last chapter of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, fans witnessed a tremendous clash between Moro, the new villain, and Vegeta, who also had to resort to his most powerful transformation. At this point, the enemy seems to want to show what his true potential is. In the first truly unprecedented arc of "Dragon Ball Super," Toyotaro seems to want to show another enemy whose strength is beyond imagination. According to ComicBook, Chapter 44 brought fans the planet, New Namek, where the new enemy, Moro Eat the planets, decided to travel in order to express a mysterious desire by the Dragon Balls.


The powerful villain

Meanwhile, Moro has found Goku and Vegeta, who are aware of Moro's intentions and are ready to help the Galactic Patrol capture the escaped prisoner. For reasons that have to do with his sinful past, Vegeta decides to fight the villain alone, and the clash proves anything but easy. The two start with the old wizard who easily beats the Saiyan prince in both his normal and Super Saiyan versions. However, when it comes time to get serious, Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan God, who puts Moro in serious trouble, helping Vegeta to avoid and block all the attacks of his enemy while dealing out some serious damage of his own.

After his apparent overwhelming superiority, Vegeta does not resist, and thus turns to the enemy, "I was curious to see with my own eyes what this species of beast the Galactic Patrol was so terrified of ... What a tremendous disappointment ... We stumbled upon really bizarre powers during our battles.." As soon as these words are pronounced, Moro gets rid of his hermit's garments, which allows fans to observe his true aspect, much more demonic and threatening, responding in this way before the conclusion of the chapter, "Did you hope to witness my magic? Your wish will be granted then ..."

According to ComicBook, the implication that's been building is that Goku and Vegeta may have to sacrifice their Super Saiyan God powers to do what Daikaioh once did for the universe.


The new mission's story

Goku and Vegeta snuck into the mission and ended up being captured by Moro. This is how the new saga of "Dragon Ball Super" begins. The last volume finally revealed the first encounter with Moro on the Planet Namek or Namekusein. Moro is being helped by a former member of Frieza's army on the condition that he is granted one of the wishes of the dragon of the planet Namekusein. What is not entirely clear is what the fearsome Moor will ask. For now, the Galactic Patrol, in this new saga of "Dragon Ball Super" believes that it is a search for revenge against them.