"Dragon Ball Super" fans were fascinated in March 2018 at the end of the Power Tournament. It was the last great competition that Goku and his friends engaged in for the protection of their universe because if they lost they would be eliminated by Zeno Sama, God of all. Meanwhile, fans were waiting for some new content from Toei Animation, since they were going to wait many months until seeing Goku again in action.

The company, allying itself with the developer Bandai Namco, created a campaign for the video game "Dragon Ball Heroe." It presents a completely original and distant arc to the main story of the franchise.


The "Prison Planet Saga" began on July 1, 2018, extending the episodes through until December 22. With only six chapters and an ending that predicted the introduction of new characters, the company announced the next arc of the battles of Goku and his friends. In the following paragraphs, I will let readers know everything that is known so far in the "Arc of Universal Conflict." That's the name of the next saga of "Dragon Ball Heroes."

The trailer for 'Dragon Ball'

Thanks to the official page of "Dragon Ball Heroes," the official synopsis of the next arc is already known, "Trunks, Vegeta and the others managed to escape from the Planetary Prison.

Before they can heal their wounds, they will receive information that Universe 6 is under attack." According to ComicBook, "The Universal Conflict: Dawn of War" arc sees the multiverse put in danger, and that means both Universe 6 and Universe 11 will be brought into the drama." Also, Zamasu will be revived Zamasu as two other mystery villains attack Universe 6.

Synopsis of the Arc of the Universal Conflict

In the last episode of " Dragon Ball Heroes," the Prison Planet was in a decadent state, since the fight against Cumber, better known as the 'Evil Saiyan,' left it on the verge of destruction.


In the final battle, Cumber fought against Goku who used Ultra instinct to defeat him.

However, before giving the final blow, five characters appeared mysteriously through a dark portal. It was revealed that their leader was Zamasu, who only managed to smile at Goku's surprise and take Cumber with them. Goku was then trapped, exhausted after using the Ultra Instinct, and screamed with rage as the planet exploded in a gigantic beam of light throughout the universe. Meanwhile, to those who don't know, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," will hit all cinemas in the USA on January 16, 2019.