Ryan Edwards is out of rehab and not getting divorced. Following a slew of rumors, which suggested Mackenzie Standifer was considering ending her marriage to the former "Teen Mom OG" star, Standifer, who gave birth to Edwards' second son earlier this month, took to her Instagram page to shut down those rumors and confirm that Edwards' latest stint in rehab was the "longest 90 days" of her entire life.

After telling her Instagram fans and followers she and Edwards are "fine," Standifer confirmed her relationship was not in trouble, as some reports have suggested, and insisted they are doing "good." She then said that Edwards spent three months in rehab and did not leave treatment early, as some have also suggested.

"I am not getting a divorce. Da**,” she added. As fans of the MTV reality show well know, Edwards and Standifer tied the knot in May 2017 and a short time later, Edwards entered a weeks-long treatment program, which he completed last summer.

Why can't Mackenzie Standifer move on from the rumors?

Following the posting of her first Instagram video, in which she denied her allegedly looming divorce, Mackenzie Standifer shared a second clip, with her online audience, about their response. According to Standifer, a lot of the response she's been getting has been from fans who ask, "Why don’t you just ignore it and you know, move on?" And although that may be easy for some to say, Standifer said that if it were her fans who were going through difficult things publicly, they'd likely want the truth heard as well.

Also on Instagram this week, Ryan Edwards' wife shared a message initially posted by The United Recovery Project, which spoke about rising up. “You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent," the message said. The message also encouraged people to learn something new and create new habits.

Ryan Edwards and his wife didn't plan to appear on Teen Mom OG season eight

While Ryan Edwards has chronicled his life as a dad and his life with Mackenzie Standifer on "Teen Mom OG" for the past several years, he and Standifer were not expected to be seen at all during season eight. However, as fans saw last month, Standifer did appear on the show at least once as she spoke to his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, about his son's future schooling.

"Teen Mom OG" season eight airs Monday nights at 9 PM on MTV. No word yet on whether or not Ryan Edwards will rejoin the series before its final episode.