Thomas Ravenel, who formerly starred on Bravo’s “Southern Charm” was arrested in South Carolina on September 25, accused of assault and battery allegedly committed against a woman he employed as a nanny. She is identified in media as Dawn. Less than a week following his arrest, which splashed across news in a major way, another accuser’s daughter is changing her tune about Dawn, according to FITS and Reality Blurb.

Before Dawn accused Ravenel of having committed sexual assault, a mother leveled accusations against him after meeting on the dating app Tinder.

Ashley Perkins is the woman’s adult daughter, who has been quite vocal about Ravenel. Perkins’ advocacy for women led to Dawn going to the police with her own allegations against Ravenel.

Perkins pulls support for Dawn

Perkins is pulling back from her earlier social media statements about Ravenel and her support for Dawn. She is a model who originally contended that the disgraced former South Carolina State Treasurer sexually assaulted her mother. Perkins took to social media like a fish to water in her home state of Florida to expose Ravenel.

Perkins has experienced a shift in her belief about her Dawn’s account. She claims that Dawn’s narrative is inconsistent. Before Dawn reported Ravenel to officers, Perkins tweeted that the two talked for roughly 20 hours.

Accuser’s daughter takes thoughts about former nanny public

Her wavering stance, however, was not public until she went on Twitter and posted on September 27 that her Dawn’s account to police does not mirror statements given to the media. She additionally tweeted that she has “informed” both law enforcement and Ravenel’s lawyers.

Perkins has totally reversed her stance and is “defending Ravenel “against the rape allegations,” Reality Blurb reported. Distancing herself from her Dawn’s story even follows sharing images of “injuries,” allegedly inflicted by Ravenel.

Social media users now question Perkins’ motives

With the change in Perkin’s position, and following her tweet making the announcement, social media users are rendering their opinions, questioning Perkins’ motives.

Twitter user @realityaddictx commented the view that Perkins is either being paid off by Ravenel or that he has assured to assist her modeling career.

Not only is Perkins back peddling on her previous accusations about Ravenel, she is also “publicly questioning Dawn’s credibility,” FITS noted.

Ravenel is accused of crime, not convicted of current charges

Despite Perkins’ opinion of Dawn’s account, and her speculation about an incident that the former nanny told police, the bottom-line is as FITS reported: Ravenel, at this time, has not been convicted of assault and battery.

He is accused of an alleged crime reported to law enforcement. That he was arrested reflects that police believe there is “sufficient evidence” to charge Ravenel.

Few details released about the change of heart

Perkins informed FITS that she believes there are discrepancies in Dawn’s initial story and her statements to media, but did not disclose anything specific about the details she is questioning. She also did not delineate what she discussed with police and Ravenel’s legal team about Dawn.

While Twitter users have speculated that Perkins may have been paid off by Ravenel, she denies receiving any payment from him. She also said the remarks are defamatory. She insists that she has not communicated with Ravenel.

Ravenel has consistently denied ever assaulting any woman. He also tweeted that he quit “Southern Charm,” but Bravo asserts that the network opted out of filming with him because of the ongoing legal problem that has evolved from the accusations made against him.

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