Fans of Johnny Depp (55) will no longer see him in the garb of a pirate because Disney Studios want to go in for a reboot with new faces. The actor had portrayed the role of a pirate for 15 years and has appeared as Captain Jack Sparrow in five of the Movies but his journey is now over. The Black Pearl is set to get another captain.

New Zealand Herald reports that Stuart Beattie, the original scriptwriter of the stories, has confirmed this development. The reason is that Disney wants to rework the entire Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Personal dramas have been dogging Johnny Depp of late and his last movie “Dead Men Tell No Tales” failed to impress at the box office.

Johnny Depp will no longer be a pirate

Talking about "Pirates of the Caribbean," the first film of the franchise, Stuart Beattie explained that it was a roaring success. It earned nomination both for best film and for Johnny Depp as leading actor at the Oscars. It was a “big, commercial popcorn movie” and it was a great feeling when it got the Oscar nomination.

Incidentally, it took 10 years to make.

However, times have changed and the subsequent pirate-themed movies with Johnny Depp lost the sheen and failed to deliver the goods. In the words of Stuart Beattie, the actor is now famous for the role of Jack Sparrow, the pirate and kids love him. He dresses up in that role to visit children in hospitals.

The role made him famous and helped him to earn his billions. However, in the opinion of Stuart Beattie, the future of Depp appears to be uncertain.

The road ahead for Johnny Depp

According to The Guardian, the movie “Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)” is Johnny Depp’s last film in the franchise. Disney Studios plan to recast the stories with a new setup where Depp will not be there.

There will be a rebooting and Deadpool writers will take over the responsibility of writing. The earlier films in the series have made more than $3bn. However, earnings have not been steady and the graph showed a downward trend with each episode.

Depp has had some personal issues on the domestic front but he is an actor. He will continue with his acting career and his next movie will be a Harry Potter prequel titled “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.” People have their ups and downs because it is a part of life. It has happened to others in the world of glamour. Let us hope that Johnny Depp is able to come out of the apparently bad patch and prove that he is not a spent force. The Potter story could be the turning point and add to his fan base.