Just when everyone thought that the early leak of the new trailer for "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" killed the hype for the movie's panel at the New York Comic-Con, main voices of the anime series appeared on the stage and made every moment worth remembering. That's right, Goku's original Japanese voice actress Masako Nozawa flew all the way from Japan to meet her international fans, even Goku's English dub voice actor, Sean Schemmel, felt honored when he met her after a long time.

Panel recap

Monica Rial (Bulma's voice actress) hosted the panel and it was her birthday, so the fans welcomed her by chanting "Happy Birthday to you." She introduced "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" and told fans that the Legendary Super Saiyan will be making his "Dragon Ball Super" debut in a new style.


Monica also mentioned that Akira Toriyama himself is really involved in this movie, as compared to any previous Movies, and that the movie is packed with intense battle scenes and awesome animation.

Next up, the guests from Japan, Norihiro Hayashida, Akio Iyoku, and Masako Nozawa (Goku's voice actress), were brought on stage and fans were really excited to see them. Nozawa was really thrilled to meet all the fans and couldn't describe her happiness. Iyoku was really lively and hyped to be in front of the fans because the film is really close to being finished. Hayashida also emphasized the involvement of Toriyama sensei in the movie and said that, in his 20 years in the industry, this is the first time that he has seen Toriyama getting this involved in the process of the filmmaking.


When asked about the change in character designs, they note that, previously, Yamamuro-san designed characters for the anime, but now Shintani-san is overseeing the character designs for animation. They had to go through all the reference material and come up with the perfect character designs for the upcoming movie.

After a while, Sean Schemmel was brought on the stage and he presented Nozawa-san with flowers. It is really rare for both of them to appear on the same stage.


Rial asked how Sean and Nozawa changed their approach towards playing Goku throughout the years, to which they replied by saying that Goku is the only thing constant about the show and they're basically "Goku," so their approach didn't really change. After that, Rial introduced Christopher Sabat (Voice of Vegeta), Ian Sinclair (Voice of Whis), and Jason Douglas (Voice of Beerus). All of them were asked what they were really excited for in the film and Ian, in particular, said that he's finally going to see Toriyama's Broly because he's been a fan of the franchise since childhood.

Finally, Vic Mignogna (English voice of Broly) was brought on the stage and he expressed his feeling about returning to the series. He explained that Broly isn't really an antagonist, but rather a misunderstood person in the new movie.

New trailer

The panel was wrapped up with the preview of both, Japanese and English, versions of the second trailer which was leaked earlier this week. If you haven't seen the new trailer already, well, here it is:

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is set to be released on Dec. 14 in Japan. Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.