Since a few days, on the pages of V-Jump, chapter 41 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, written and designed by Toyotaro, is available. There are many interesting themes dealt with in the most recent pages of the paperwork, but we want to focus in particular on Jiren's past, which this time has been explored in detail - much more than the anime. Now a handful of minutes are missing at the end of the Tournament of Power.

After facing Goku Ultra Instinct, Jiren finds himself in front of the two strongest warriors of the Universe, Kakaroth and Vegeta. Before continuing the fighting, however, the Pride Trooper decided to unveil the goal of his victory.

Jiren's past

The mighty warrior intends to use the Dragon's Super Spheres to bring his master back to life, which we find here to be called Gicchin. According to ComicBook, "spoilers for the next chapter of the manga have been leaked, and as spotted and translated by @Herms98 on Twitter, Jiren's wish is to resurrect his dead master who was, as he puts it, was killed by a "demon." Later, through the commentary on the stands by the members of the Universe 11, we learned more details: before being killed by a mysterious monster, Gicchin did not recognize Jiren as his legitimate successor.

For this reason, Gray intends to resurrect it to show him how strong he has become and finally to be worthy of investiture.

But it is only at the end of the chapter, thanks to the story of Belmod, the god of destruction of the Eleventh Universe: Gicchin voluntarily chose not to elect Jiren as his heir, since the pupil was a solitary warrior and fought for personal selfishness. For this reason, therefore, the sensei introduced him to the Pride Trooper: he wanted to teach him the value of teamwork.

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Dragon Ball

The moon

In the course of its serialization, the Dragon Ball manga has introduced many futuristic and imaginative elements, one of which could soon also appear in the real world. We are talking about the so-called " Power Ball ", the artificial moon used by Saiyan to turn into the terrifying " Oozaru " ape. China would be planning to launch its artificial moon by 2020. Vegeta used the Power Ball during his first fight with Goku, i.e.

when the Saiyan was close to defeating him. When the prince realized that the Earth did not have a moon (which Piccolo had just destroyed a few months earlier), Vegeta created an artificial one to turn the fate of the duel upside then down. We will keep updated once we receive more information regarding the anime, stay tuned.

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