It seems that during the airing of the feature film "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" we can finally see the appearance of the prince of the Saiyan, Vegeta, in his transformation into Super Saiyan God. For now, in an image related to one of the promotional figures, we can take an initial look at what awaits us.

If there is one thing we have learned about the character and attitudes of the proud prince of the Saiyan, Vegeta, it is that he never takes second place on the podium and that he will do everything to equalize the level that from time to time reaches his friend-rival Goku.


Not surprisingly, while often remaining a step behind the compatriot grown on Earth, Vegeta has never stopped training, working hard to access the higher transformations already unlocked by the counterpart.

Super Saiyan God

Apparently, when "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" arrives on Japanese screens, fans can finally see one of the few transformations.

These transformations are still missing inside the arsenal available to what would have been the heir to the throne of the Planet Vegeta, the fearsome Super Saiyan God.

Thanks to a figure announced by Premium Bandai in collaboration with Toei Animation, we can take a first look at what awaits them. Premium Bandai announcement says:

"The characters of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" are coming to enrich the collection of figures of Dragon Ball. According to Comic Book, Familiar characters like Son Goku SSGSS and Vegeta Super Saiyan God will all come together. In a special release, will also Broly Super Saiyan Full Power. You can find them on the shelves of your trusted shops."

The film

These are products made specifically for the output film, which will finally show the deified version of Vegeta's Super Saiyan.


In fact, while the manga has already taken steps to show this transformation for our prince, the animated series of Dragon Ball Super has never presented such a powerful version.

This time Vegeta could have its moment of glory. Recall that the movie will make his debut in the cinemas of Japan on December 14 this year, while it will arrive in the US in January 2019. Fans can expect the movie to unveil another Saiyan warrior. Meanwhile, The film will be based on Saiyan history.

The script of the anime movie is written by Akira Toriyama.

He has also worked on the characters of the film. The film was announced in November 2017. We will keep you updated, once we receive more information regarding the "Dragon Ball Super: Broly."