As usual, through the latest issue of Saikyo Jump magazine, a new chapter of the manga adaptation of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" and its new Universe Mission arc has been released, and here we have a summary of it. It is worth mentioning that this bow has an Anime adaptation, although it is very different from the development made by Yoshitaka Nagayama.

Meanwhile, according to Econo Times, Episode 5 will be the final of "Dragon Ball Heroes" as Goku, and Vegeta struggle to put down the Evil Saiyan Cumber once and for all.

Summary of chapter 4 of 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes'

In the Chaos Area, after a black smoke appeared, enemies of the past - Turles, Slug, Majin Boo, Bojack and Cell - begin to face Trunks and Golden Coola.


The Saiyan cuts them with his sword, but these return to their smoke form, so the attack becomes useless. King Cold is badly hurt but manages to regain consciousness and talks to Coola and tells him that he has become much stronger since the last time he saw him, instantly shows him the four-star Dragon Ball he has to convince him to join him and his clan.

Coola comments that it is an interesting proposal, but surprisingly attacking him by wounding him to death to keep the Dragon Ball. In the distance, Majin Ozotto is watching the battle and says that with Trunks and Coola distracting the problematic Smoke Warriors, he has been able to search for the "source". He suspects that if the strange machine that produces the black smoke breaks, the warriors will disappear.


At the same time, a figure (Hatchiyack) appears behind him, but Ozotto has already noticed his presence.

Meanwhile, in the Green Area, the Battle of Cumber and Vegetto continues. Oolong recognizes the transformation of Cumber as Goku did while he was trapped in the castle of Pilaf. Cumber finishes his transformation in Ozaru, and when seeing the situation, Vegetto decides that it finished the fight of a single attack because he will not be able to use the Kaioken any longer. Vegetto goes towards Cumber and the attack of both clashes.

Super Fu appears

Fu observes the battle from his control room and mentions how interesting the Saiyajins are since the energy of this confrontation far exceeds his calculations, but everything stops being fun when this clash of power begins to break the chains surrounding Prison Planet.


During the clash of powers, Goku and Vegeta lose the fusion since their bodies could not support the Kaioken anymore.

Instantly, Fu appears and increases his ability to neutralize the explosion; which leaves Vegeta amazed. Super Fu appears and tells them that the experiment is canceled and apologizes for misjudging his power and stopping things when they were getting interesting, but it would be a problem if the "lab" broke down and he asks them to disperse until it is finished the repairs kindly.

To the surprise of Super Fu, Cumber goes to attack him, at that moment Oolong screams and tells him that the weakness of an Ozaru is his tail, so Super Fu creates a pair of swords and cuts the tail of the Saiyan. Cumber returns to normal, but he continues his attack on Goku and Vegeta who are exhausted. Before Super Fu can intervene, Goku and Vegeta are saved by a pair of mysterious figures; these turn out to be Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno in Super Saiyan 4.