Every old-established "Dragonball" fan knows it - the discussions about whether something is canon or not. For years, people argued, for example, whether Broly - who previously appeared only in the movies - now really can be considered as part of the "Dragonball" story. So far, he only appeared in the movies and was considered a "non-canon." However, the new trailer for the upcoming "Dragonball" film raises considerable questions, because Akira Toriyama personally contradicts his own story. Son-Goku's father Bardock is one of the most fascinating Dragonball characters.


Toriyama fascinated by Bardock?

Geekdom101 YouTube channel noted that this story was not originally from Akira Toriyama, but Toriyama was so fascinated by Bardock that he adopted Bardock in his manga. In Chapter 307 of the Manga series, Vegeta calls Goku his Saiyan name, which is why Freezer instantly notes that Goku resembles the Saiyajin, who fought him to destroy the planet Vegeta to the last breath. Bardock. Bardock is drawn true to the original with a bandana so the representation of the manga version corresponds to the Bardock special, "Son-Goku's Father." This is why the Bardock special is to be regarded as a Canon. The manga images are true to the anime version. In summary, so far we have always been able to say that about Bardock's history.


More than 20 years later, Toriyama finally created "Dragonball Minus." This manga, however, contradicts essential points of the previous account: In this version, Bardock has never gained the ability to see the future. Much more, he speculates that Freezer is up to something. Also, Son-Goku is no longer a baby, but a three-year-old child. The previous anime and manga consensus was that Grandpa Gohan Goku was found as a baby without clothes, in "Dragonball Minus" he will be sent along with Saiyajin armor.


"Dragonball-Minus" also introduces Son Goku's mother, Gine. The personality of Bardock is quite different, and he cares about his son and is much calmer. The bandana as his trademark was completely omitted.

Comic Book notes on October 12, that once again, it looks different in the "Broly" trailer, as we see Freezer, who destroys the planet Vegeta, but this time does not wear his well-known fight clothes. While destroying the planet, you see Freezer's attack, but unlike the original version, there is no rebellious Bardock and no Freezer minions trying to stop Bardock.

Also, we see in the trailer, Vegeta as well as Goku, who are at the same time babies: This also contradicts the previous presentation, because actually, Vegeta should be several years older than Goku. In addition, Gine and Bardock say goodbye to an apparently much older Goku than it was originally presented to us.