Naruto was one of the most famous series in the anime´s history and it arrived for everyone around the world. People feel identify with Naruto´s efforts and constant attempts to reach his goal, which was to be a Hokage, the leader of his village. Its characters and theme got fans' attention, so they were waiting for more. Now Pierrot Studio brings to us a sequel, presenting Naruto's family - his wife, known as Hinata, a son, Boruto and finally his daughter, Himawari. All of them are a perfect talent combination that let us feel part of the plot.

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Boruto was created to continue the Naruto anime because fans wished to continue to enjoy this spectacular series.

Entertainment at home

Boruto is a great anime and it became so popular [VIDEO] that the Weekly Shonen Jump panel has decided to créate its own Blu-ray and DVD, Comic Book reported.

They wrote, "Boruto will officially be released on Blu-ray and DVD next Spring." This is a good news for American fans, who will be able to get this material whenever they want. Other good news is that Naruto Will have his original voice, which was done from the beginning by Maile Flanagan. Most of the principal characters will have their original voices.

Nevertheless, some others voices were participating in the cast, in order to represent young ninjas. Boruto Uzumaki voice will be voiced by Amanda Celine Miller and Cherami Leigh as Sarada Uchiha, taking into account the young principal character, who became the central point in the story. As we know, Naruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto, through 700 wonderful and unforgettable chapters.


Boruto: Naruto Next Generation appears after the original Naruto story finishes.

Naruto carried out a hard job. It caught on and became a popular show, perhaps even an anime revolution, selling millions of copies. Because of that, it became the most-sold anime series in the world and was distributed around continents. Allowing people to get the entertainment they want at any time is a new innovation for the series. The best thing is that everybody can enjoy this excellent anime. We must thank technology, which makes this kind of situation possible.

Boruto has been hailed as a success in the entertainment industry. It has reached Tokyo´s list of top 5 anime sales, coming third in sales and fifth when talking about profits. The franchise has been a success and it still at the top in the anime list. Nowadays, we are able to continue watching different videos from this story. Fans are overjoyed because they love Naruto and his family´s story is very interesting.