The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 7 reveal the possibility of Batman appearing in the show. The show's main star Stephen Amell made some comments regarding the show's direction on an impromptu Facebook Q&A session and stated that the Dark Knight's presence would not be ruled out in the show or the other Arrowverse series.

Amell also addressed the fans on whether the upcoming season will mark the end of the CW Network series. The plot of this season will have Oliver Queen spend time in prison after he made a deal with the FBI to surrender himself in exchange for stopping Ricardo Diaz and saving Star City.

Batman in the Arrowverse

According to Comic, Stephen Amell a fans question on Facebook live after asking whether Batman or Green Lantern would appear in the show or any Arrowverse TV series in person. Amell replied by stating that "I would never say never" hinting that someday the fans and audiences will get their wishes.

There have been several Easter egg references about Batman in the Arrowverse and Amell's character Oliver Queen even named dropped Bruce Wayne last season. The show also used some of the Dark Knight's enemies such as Firefly, Anarky, Deathstroke, and Ra's and Talia Al'Ghul.

On top of that, Gotham City will be featured in the new Arrowverse crossover "Elseworlds" as Oliver will join Barry Allen (The Flash) and Kara Danvers (Supergirl) to stop a new menace with the help of Kate Kane (Batwoman) played by Ruby Rose.

Stephen Amell on season 7 being the last season

Amell also addressed the fans concerns on season 7 being the last season of the popular DC TV series as Comic Book Resources reported that it would not be the case.

“No, I don’t think so,” the "TMNT2" star said. "I’m signed on beyond this year. When you get up to these stages, you tend to go year by year, but I have a contract for another season of Arrow.

It will come down to if the people at WB and the CW and DC and my family feel like doing another season, but I’m here for another season beyond this."

The show came along way since its debut on October 10, 2012, from introducing Oliver Queen and his time on the Lian Yu to becoming vigilante and mayor of Star City. The show also spawned several spin-offs for other DC characters which evolved into the Arrowverse.

Oliver and his team will face a new threat in the city called the Longbow Hunters, and Ricardo Diaz leads them as he wants to take back his criminal underworld and the city itself, but a new Green Arrow is foiling them. Season 7 will premiere on October 15 on the CW Network.