After a really long wait of almost two months, the next episode in the "Super Dragon Ball: Heroes" is finally here. Recently, the third episode of the promotional series aired and it packed a lot of action. The new episode is only exclusive to Japanese viewers and we cannot expect any official subbed version of the anime anytime soon. Episode 4 will be titled "Rage! Super Fu Appears!"

Recap of episode 3

Episode three, titled "The Strongest Radiance! Vegito Blue Kaio-ken Explodes!," starts with the intro song. Next, we see that Goku and Vegeta are still fused together in their Vegito form and Future Trunks is helplessly getting strangled by Cumber. He creates a huge energy ball using his evil ki and throws it in Vegito's direction, but Vegito quickly transforms into Super Saiyan Blue form and penetrates inside the energy ball.


Meanwhile, Fu observes the whole action from his control room and is really impressed with the Saiyans' fight. The dust from the blast clears and Vegito has safely rescued Future Trunks from Cumber. Vegito asks Future Trunks to stay away from the fight and charges towards Cumber. After both of them trade blows evenly for a while, Cumber says that he's delighted to find such a worthy opponent. Furthermore, Cumber tells Vegito that he'll really enjoy breaking him.

Cumber launches a whip-like energy attack towards Vegito, which chases him and lands a blow. Golden Cooler, who's watching the whole fight from a distance, says that the fight is starting to get interesting.


Vegito, in his Super Saiyan Blue form, starts to use Kaio-Ken and charges towards Cumber. Once again, both of them trade blows evenly. As Mai helps Future Trunks to safety, they notice Vegito's fight and hope Goku and Vegeta will be OK.

While Cooler continues to watch both of the Saiyan's fights, he notices a crack forming in the chains of the Prison Planet due to their ki. Fu is even more impressed now and wants both of them to take their energy even higher. Cumber starts to form a massive energy ball and throws it towards Vegito, but this time, he counters it with his Final Kamehameha wave. Both of the attacks struggle against each, but Vegito's attack breaks through. This causes the chain of Prison Planet to break.


Cumber knocks the attack and Vegito with a second energy wave.

Cumber announces that it'll be his honor to bury Vegito with his own hands. He throws a small energy ball and blasts it in the sky. Vegito recognizes this technique and says that it's indeed the artificial full moon. Cumber transforms into a gigantic Golden Oozaru. Even Future Trunks is amazed to see this transformation.

The Great Ape Cumber fires a ki wave from his mouth and causes Vegito to split into Goku and Vegeta. The Great Ape goes berserk and ravages the land with his ki wave attack. This causes the chains to break even further and the sky partially shatters. Fu is thrilled to watch them fight and wants them to keep going.

Episode 4

The episode 4 of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is titled "Rage! Super Fu Appears!," and the synopsis has been translated from Japanese to English, thanks to herms. Below is the synopsis for the next episode:

"Cumber unleashes his fearsome form and runs wild. His power is too much for the Prison Planet to handle, and the chains start to snap one by one. Seeing this throws Fu into a rage, and he unleashes his hidden power."

The exact date of the episode is not confirmed yet, although it is scheduled to stream in late September and the official movie in continuity with the canon series is set to be released in on December 14.