It's Sunday again and the "Dragon Ball Movie Frontline" blog has been updated with tons of new information regarding the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie. This time, the blog toured the working desks of the art directors (Nobuhito Sue and Kazuo Ogura). Last time, Nobuhito Sue and Kazuo Ogura revealed two new planets [VIDEO] in their interview and explained that they are really picky when it comes to the backgrounds of the scene.

King Vegeta's palace on Planet Vegeta

A few months ago, a "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" promotional pamphlet was being spread around in Japan.

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The landscape we saw in the background of the pamphlet revealed a never-seen-before giant structure. The new blog update has revealed that it is, in fact, King Vegeta's palace and it is going to appear in the upcoming movie.

The official site for "Dragon Ball's" 20th movie also uses this artboard for their background. This new info could mean that the new origin story of the Broly movie might be similar to the first Broly movie, considering that King Vegeta's palace is visited early in the movie.

The drawing itself goes through many phases, for example, the artist has to make a rough sketch according to the given information regarding the setting of the movie.

Sometimes the artists might be provided with references as well and King Vegeta's palace is no exception. Last week's interview on "Dragon Ball Movie Frontline" revealed that the art directors were provided with many references like manga, movies, and anime. Below is the original sketch of King Vegeta's palace that was used by the art director for the upcoming movie. It was taken directly from the first Broly movie that was released in 1993.

The art directors also emphasized the fact that Planet Vegeta has two moons and it can be seen in the background of most of the promotional material that features the planet.

Other background settings from the movie

Aside from Planet Vegeta, the interview also revealed Bulma's vacation home that is based on the real-world Italian town of Amalfi.

We're sure that we'll see Bulma venturing for her Dragon Ball hunt from this place, but what she'll wish on the seven Dragon Balls is still unknown.

Lastly, the art directors showed the artboard for Planet Vampa. This new planet has yellow sky and green marshes, but the role of this planet is yet to be revealed [VIDEO].

The new "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set to be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan. Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada in January 2019.