The "Dragon Ball" blog, called "Dragon Ball Movie Front Line" just got updated and tons of new information about the upcoming movie was added. And it also confirms the rumors about the addition of Planet Vegeta in the movie, but Earth and Planet Vegeta aren't the only planets that will feature in the movie. The art directors also stated that the film is also set on Planet Banpa alongside the other two planets.

Info revealed during the interview

Thanks to Herms, the whole blog update was translated from Japanese to English.


This new info was revealed during an interview with the art directors (Nobuhito Sue and Kazuo Ogura).

According to the art directors, the movie will feature Planet Vegeta from a perspective that fans have never seen before.

In the upcoming movie, Planet Vegeta will be similar to the previous depictions of the planet, although fans will get a closer look at it with a greater sense of scale this time. The structures on Planet Vegeta (space bases, spaceships etc) are quite comparable to the ones we have previously seen in Toriyama's works.

They produced almost 40 artboards for the film, including multiple artboards for the same setting. When asked about the production time for a single artboard, they said that it took them 3 days to complete the Planet Vegeta artboard while working on other artboards at the same time.


Most of the work was done on a PC because the movie also includes 3D backgrounds, but they also drew on papers as well.

They started producing the art for the upcoming movie even before the script was finalized, so they would receive all the information about the film's locations and environments in a document. They also received reference material like manga, anime, Movies etc.

The art directors said that they were quite picky about the color palette for the movie. They tried to make the art look less realistic by selecting a bright color palette. They used different color palettes for different planets to distinguish them from Earth.

Addition of a new planet

The yellowish swampy looking planet is called Planet Banpa and this isn't the first time that the planet has appeared in official works.

We also had a glimpse of this planet in the second "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" trailer. Akira Toriyama originally drew the artboard for this planet and said that the planet has large valleys and creature-infested lakes. This planet might be inhabited by the spider-looking creature that was revealed last week.

The new "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set to be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan.


Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada in January 2019.