Deadline is reporting that Honest Trailers creator, Andy Signore, has filed suit against the company that fired him over allegations of sexual harassment. The suit was filed in LA Superior Court over an alleged breach of contract and violations of state Labor codes.

Andy Signore claims firing was simply a PR move

Andy Signore says his firing was financially motivated. According to the suit, the case is about protecting the integrity and influence of movements such as #MeToo by holding powerful companies in check and not allowing them to exploit movements for financial gain.

Defy Media, the company which owned the Screen Junkies YouTube channel where the Honest Trailers airs, fired Andy Signore last October. Signore's firing came just days after revelations of Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing several women. Defy defended their decision with a tweet posted by an intern that alleged Signore made sexually explicit comments. A Screen Junkies fan also came forward on Twitter and spoke out about how Signore attempted to assault her during multiple encounters.

Signore claims sexual harassment runs wild within Defy Media

According to Variety, the suit alleges that the Defy Media did not do an investigation before firing Signore and stripping him of his stake in the company.

Signore admitted to having sexual conversations with Screen Junkies' fan April O' Donnell, who he met at a 2015 convention. The pair agreed to meet in Los Angeles with the purpose of engaging in sexual relations with each other.

Signore also claims that Defy's high-level staff and shareholders engaged in sexual relationship with fans, interns, and employees.

He alleges that sexual harassment was prevalent and was virtually ignored. The suit also alleges Defy Media defamed Signore.

Andy Signore released an independent statement thanking his legal team and promised to clear his name. Signore said that this past year was hard for him after he was falsely accused of sexual assault. Signore explained that he lost his family, his reputation, and his ownership in the company.

He claims he has never threatened, abused, assaulted or forced himself on anyone. He did take responsibility for engaging in infidelities. He said the real victims are his ex-wife and family.

Defy Media later released their own statement alleging that the claims brought forth by Signore are not grounded in facts and will be found to be baseless.