Of all the shows that have drawn references and made spoofs of other critically acclaimed shows, there is only one show that seems to be on a mission to do them all.

And by all, we mean all. "Rick and Morty" is at it again, and this time, reviving something of a classic that anybody who grew up in the 90’s would remember.

Wheelchairing into the future

Just hours ago, the creators behind everyone's beloved animated television show "Rick and Morty" dropped a sizzling new promo for their upcoming fourth season, which is still in the works.

It has just been months since the shows co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland went public with the show's renewal, guaranteeing its viewers a whopping 70 brand new episodes that will follow in the coming seasons, and ever since that day, the shows broadcasting network Adult Swim, which is a subsidiary of Cartoon Network has been dropping promo after promo, each with its own staggering new theme and catchy tunes.


The brand new promo features "Rick and Morty", and the Smith-Sanchez family (except Jerry, of course) in the light of the popular 90’s “X-Men The Animated Series”.

The nifty little promo is so well made that it gives the viewers a sense of groundbreakingly strong nostalgia, cruising them through space and time, right to their childhood. The art style is staunchly reminiscent of the 90’s animated shows introduction sequence, which makes us want to have an entire episode dedicated to this theme.

The fun new promo features Rick Sanchez in the style of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, except, he’s armed with a laser cannon, the likes of which would be owned by Scott’s son, Cable. Morty is drawn in the image of what looks like Wolverine without adamantium claws.


Morty’s mutant superpower seems to be Armothy drawn from the season 3 debut episode “Rickmancing the Stone”. Beth Sanchez and Summer Smith join the crew with their green laser pistols, resembling Jean Grey and Storm respectively. We then see Hank aka Beast, played by none other than Squanch. The frame shifts into Rick facing Snuffles aKa Snowball from the episode “Lawnmower Dog” in his fully realized form, comparing him to a Sentinel from the "X-Men" series.

The promo closes in on a superheroic wrap up with "Rick and Morty", and clocks out with the silhouettes of all the aforementioned characters in front of a gigantic Adult Swim insignia. To view it in all its glory is to experience an adrenaline pumped feels trip like none other.


Hiatus Done Right

"Rick and Morty" as a show is the only one of its kind that seemingly is thriving despite being on long hiatuses. Thanks to the timely introduction of catchy creatives and a dedicated animation team, the show clearly soars high with a constant gathering of fans with each passing day.

This is a huge contribution in easing the painful wait for the brand new season which is rumored for a late 2019 release. We could only hope for a surprise early debut episode. Until then, fingers crossed.