The latest updates and spoilers for "One Punch Man" Season 2 reveal the anime's official release date and main antagonist. VIZ Media streamed the teaser trailer for the anime show and it featured Saitama and Genos facing a new enemy named Garou.

The story of "One Punch Man" centers around a Saitama, a local superhero in Z-City who fights monsters and supervillains. While his appearance is often mocked and ridiculed by both heroes and villains, Saitama has an overwhelming power to kill his enemies with just one punch. However, this power also frustrates him as he yearns for someone more powerful to challenge him and test the limits of his abilities. The anime show was previously handled by Mad House before J.C. Staff took over the production.


'One Punch Man' returns on April 2019

According to Comic, the new teaser for the sophomore season of "One Punch Man" starts with a recap of Saitama's adventures in season 1, from meeting characters such as Genos, Mumen Rider, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, and the Hero Association to his epic encounters with the Deep Sea King and Lord Boros.

The next cut will feature several voice-overs and text of Saitama wanting to fight a stronger opponent. A second voice-over calls out saying that it's it's "Time to carry out evil. This'll be a slaughter party!" It the video revealed a photo of the show's new antagonist, Garou alongside Saitama and Genos. The teaser ends with an April 2019 release date.

Screen Rant reported that VIZ Media also released the synopsis of the second season and it will follow the same path as the anime web series.


The synopsis revealed that the great seer Madame Shibabawa's world-ending prediction is starting to come true as the number of monster incidents has rapidly increased.

Saitama is starting to enjoy his success in the Hero Association, however, he will also have to be wary about Garou as he starts making his move against them.

Who is Garou?

In the "One Punch Man" anime, Garou is the former student of Rank 3 S-Class Hero, Bang. He studied his master's martial arts style, "Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock" and become a prodigy. Bang took him under his wing to admire heroes instead of villains.

However, Garou became drunk with power and started fighting his fellow students. Bang had no choice but to kick him out of his dojo.


Since then, Garou has been targeting members of the Hero Association just to prove how powerful he has become since leaving his master.