The official site for "Dragon Ball" 20th movie was updated recently, and it added two new pages to the site, "Story" and "Character." The "Story" section is about the plot summary of the movie, and it is similar to the one that was previously distributed in Japan in the form of a pamphlet.

The story of the movie

The summary describes that the universe is finally at peace following the Tournament of Power. Goku still wants to spar with even more powerful warriors in the universe, until one day, Goku and Vegeta encounter an enigmatic warrior named "Broly."

Both of them realize that the entire Saiyan race was eradicated with the destruction of Planet Vegeta, but this sudden appearance of the new Saiyan, with an unmatched power level, leaves them baffled. Even Frieza, who's back from hell, is caught up in the battle between these Saiyans.


Character biographies

The "Character" section of the website has added tons of new information regarding the lead characters of the movie. The original descriptions are only available in Japanese, although, Herms (A reliable translator of the "Dragon Ball" franchise) has translated it for the fans.

Below are the translations of the biographies:

Goku: "Saiyan who grew up on Earth and has protected the planet from countless enemies. His name is Kakkarot."

After fighting Jiren, Goku knows that there are more powerful warriors in the universe and he's training to get even stronger.

Vegeta: "He is the proud prince of Saiyan and Goku's greatest rival.


Once a cruel warrior, but after fighting Goku, he had a change of heart."

Vegeta feels that Frieza is still a threat to Earth, even after he helped them in Tournament of Power.

Piccolo: "He was once a Demon King, but gradually developed a gentle heart. He trained Goku's son, Gohan, and turned him into a warrior."

Beerus: "God of Destruction who balances the Universe. He destroys everything surrounding him when he's angry. He visited Earth to find the Super Saiyan God and met Goku. He loves to eat and sleep."

Whis: "An angel who is also Beerus' teacher.

His ability is unknown and follows the principle of being neutral during a fight. Goku and Vegeta are training with him to become stronger in exchange for delicious food."

This principle might force Beerus and Whis to not help Goku and Vegeta when they fight against Broly.

Bulma: "She is out in search of the Dragon balls without telling Goku and the others. Her objective...?!"

Frieza: "The evil emperor who once invaded the outer space. He lost to Goku who became Super Saiyan on Planet Namek. He came to Earth for revenge but was killed by Future Trunks.


He helped Goku in the "Tournament of Power," but he's patiently waiting to take his revenge on Goku."

Broly: "One of the last Saiyans. Goku and Vegeta have never seen him before. His motive for coming to Earth is..."

According to Herms, his new "beefy" form is labeled "Super Saiyan Broly (Full Power)."

The four new characters that appear in the movie are Beriblu, Kikono, Chelye, and Lemo, Beriblu, who looks like an old woman, serves Frieza but isn't afraid of him. Kikono is a scientist who invents armors and spaceships for Frieza's army. Chelye joins Frieza's army in order to escape from the Galactic Patrol because she stole a spaceship. Lemo is an old veteran who has served since Freeza's father King Cold led the army.

The motives of Broly and Paragus are still not clear. According to Comicbook, Broly's motivation could serve as a bridge between this new movie and the series that follows it.

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is set to be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan.