Although the pilot episode of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" was met with diverse reactions, fans were still happy to once again see Goku, Vegeta and the other characters of the franchise. It has been months since "Dragon Ball Super" ended and fans are anxious to see Goku in action. Following the short first episode of the special anime spin-off, many people are still looking forward to episode 2.

Otakukart recalled that episode 1 only lasted for eight minutes and 45 seconds which disappointed fans.

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However, it was full of surprises, from the disappearance of Future Trunks to the revelation of Fu's real personality. The pilot episode showed a storyline that will eventually lead to more challenges and fight scenes in the future.

This is quite exciting, especially as Fu was seen speaking to the Evil Saiyan Kanba, or Cumber, at the end of the episode. But of course, everyone was hyped about seeing two Gokus in two different forms fighting each other

What to expect in episode 2

Many people are expecting to see more action in "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" episode 2. Recently, a fan in Japan posted a video of the anime's special preview during a "Dragon Ball" event in the area.

The clip shows the Evil Saiyan with a messed up Ki and scary red eyes. Fans could expect a face-off between Super Saiyan Goku and the Evil Saiyan. Vegeta will also join Goku in fighting with the villain Kanba [VIDEO]. This hints that Goku and Vegeta will have a fusion.

In the first episode, Future Trunks was seen waking up in a locked room which mysteriously opened.

When he started running away, he was met by non-cannon villain Cooler, who asked him for the Dragon Balls. The preview for the next episode shows Future Trunks calling his father when Cooler comes onto the scene. But this time, Cooler powers up and turns gold similar to the way that Frieza transformed into Golden Frieza, Comicbook noted.

Vegito Blue Kaioken vs. Evil Saiyan Cumber

Another clip of episode 2 shows Future Mai handing Potara earrings to Goku and Vegeta. This means that they probably need to combine powers in order to defeat Cumber. Vegito is the result of Goku and Vegeta's fusion using the Potara earrings, which makes it even more exciting. The short video shows the match between Vegito Blue Kaioken and Cumber, which makes it likely that the level of Cumber's power is similar to that of Jiren.

"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" episode 2 [VIDEO] is set to air on July 16 in Japan. The teaser from episode 1 reveals that Goku will go berserk while the Evil Saiyan rampages. What will happen if Goku is infected by Kanba and becomes evil too?