The latest updates and spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" reveal the first official trailer of the anime movie. Toe Animation and Funimation showcased the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and die-hard Dragon Ball and anime fans witnessed the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. There are also new character art designs for Son Goku, Vegeta, and Broly for the film.

The "Dragon Ball Super" movie will feature Goku and Vegeta's encounter with the powerful Saiyan warrior and their battle will test the limits of strength and power while saving the whole world from Broly's wrath. The movie is set to premiere in January 2019.


Broly versus everyone in SDCC 2018 trailer

According to Kotaku, the "Dragon Ball Super" movie takes place after the "Tournament of Power" arc from the anime series as Son Goku and his friends are enjoying a peaceful time on earth. However, Goku realized that he needs to be stronger after fighting foes like Jiren in the tournament so that he can better protect everyone and be ready to face new opponents.

That peace was soon interrupted after an invading alien force landed in the Arctic led by Paragus.

Goku and Vegeta investigate and meets that Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. Paragus orders his son to attack them as Vegeta comments that he grows stronger in each fight.

Broly's powers increase as he lashes out at the Saiyan heroes forcing them to change into their Super Saiyan God and Blue forms. However, they are shocked to see that he grows more powerful and they feel that their current state will not be enough to stop him.

The trailer also featured other "DB" characters such as Frieza, Bulma, Piccolo, Beerus, and Whiz.


Frieza will also fight Broly and his Golden form will not be enough to stop him. The film also marks Broly's official canon appearance in the "DB Super" as anime franchise creator, Akira Toriyama, handled the film's anime designs and storytelling.

New character designs for 'Dragon Ball Super' movie revealed

According to Comic Book, Twitter username Black Nerd Squad posted the character designs of Son Goku, Vegeta, and Broly in the "Dragon Ball Super" movie during the film's SDCC 2018 panel.

The photos showed each character's Super Saiyan forms and anime fans were surprised to see Vegeta was able to transform into his SSJ God form, which was not shown in the previous films and "DB Super" anime series.

Anime News Network previously reported that Toriyama added small changes to Broly's design, but will retain the appearance in the film so that fans can easily recognize him.