"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" comes out in Japan before the end of the year. The first teaser was showcased recently and posters have been released. An official video revealed the animation and new designs [VIDEO] that will get showcased in the film. By the looks of it, Goku and Vegeta might just have a full-blown battle with Broly. The fans got their first-look at Broly’s official powered design. The artwork was shared at Jump Carnival, and V-Jump. The other Z fighters will certainly join this ultimate showdown.

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This face-off will be exciting for fans to watch. The character features purple leggings and a bright green wrap around his waist.

A user on Twitter, named Harry price, has shared the picture of the character with the caption "Broly Design by Naohiro Shintani! Did some adjustments to the pic to make it higher quality as well." As one can see below, Broly looks very different in his canon design.

The artwork, which depicts the fighter’s canon version, is as bulky as ever. However, he’s had a major wardrobe change this time around, reports Comic Book. This is a move that will have fans debating whether or not the correct decision was made by the writers.

The release of the 'Dragon Ball Super' movie

The new film will focus on the history [VIDEO] of the Saiyans. Planet Sedala will also feature in the movie. Akira Toriyama is the writer of the movie and the designer of many characters. The film was earlier announced in December 2017 and fans can expect to see a number of new characters. If the pattern of release is followed like that in the case of the previous movie "Ressurection F," this movie could hit the screen in early 2019. The last time Broly was in a movie project, his appearance was much different.

Many viewers are also questioning if bringing back Broly is a good idea or not.

Freeza's power

Freeza's role will be important in the film. He won the Dragon Ball in the Tournament of Power. According to Comic Book, "this is the first time fans have seen Super Saiyan Broly before he beefs up with the 'Legendary' Super Saiyan power. This makes his Freeza Force armor even more notable, and could imply that Freeza has a powerful Super Saiyan under his command.[sic]" I do hope and pray for the best this time. I do expect that the Super Saiyan marvel doesn’t disappoint us. Fans of Dragon Ball Super will get their first look at the upcoming movie during the Dragon Ball North America Tour and San Diego Comic-Con, as well.