The long-awaited pilot episode of the promotional anime “Dragon Ball Heroes” finally aired. One of the most interesting revelations from the premiere episode was Fu’s statement about Trunks. Aside from that, there are several remarkable details in the first episode of the series that should be given more attention. After the last episode of the successful TV anime series “Dragon Ball Super,” it was general knowledge that the fandom would have to wait until December to see their favorite anime characters in action. However, it appears that Bandai Namco Entertainment was working hard to give the fandom what it longed to see.

Trunk’s imprisonment

The pilot episode of “Dragon Ball Heroes” showed that Fu is the new villain that Son Goku and his friends are facing in the new promotional anime.


He was the evil one that created the Prison Planet and gathered bad guys and the best fighters from all over the universe and dimensions there. He was also the one responsible for Trunk’s present condition in the Prison Planet.

In the premiere episode, when Mai confronted Fu, the villain told Son Goku, Mai, and Vegeta that he imprisoned Trunks because what he was doing was unforgivable. Fu continued by saying that Trunks' free travel through time was not right and he needed to be put in his place. Aside from this, Fu also admitted that he used Vegeta’s son as bait to lure Son Goku and Vegeta to the Prison Planet.

Since the Cell Saga in the Z series, Trunks had been doing time-travel and had messed up the natural cycle of things.


Because of his actions, Cell was born and Black Zamasu was created. Although it helped the Z warriors eliminate Frieza, his time-travel brought more problems.

The search for Dragon Balls

Like the Z series, Son Goku, Vegeta, Mai, and Trunks will have to collect all the legendary balls to be able to get out of Prison Planet. One of the legendary balls is with Goku: Xeno and the remaining six most probably are in the possession of six other powerful fighters also held imprisoned on the experimental planet. To gather all of them, Son Goku and Vegeta need to fight and defeat these characters.

Aside from Goku: Xeno and Fu, Cooler was also shown in the pilot episode. He is another villain that the Z warriors are going to face on the Prison Planet.


In addition, another powerful Saiyan is itching to fight. Fans will be keen to see how Canba, the Saiyan in a straitjacket, fares against Son Goku or Vegeta in the upcoming episode of the promotional anime series.

If you have not yet seen the pilot episode of “Dragon Ball Heroes,” you may have to wait until it is shown on the card game website with English subs. There is no legal streaming at the moment as the rights have not been released for outside of Japan, Comicbook noted. The game and the anime are at this time exclusive to Japan. The next episode will be shown in Japan on 16 July according to Anime News Network.