Maci Bookout usually keeps a low profile when she's busy filming the newest season of "Teen Mom OG," because she's not allowed to speak about the show's content. She's under contract, so she usually just retweets messages from fans, things about sports, or shares photos of her kids. When viewers finally get to catch up with her on the show, they are usually surprised by the things she's going through at the time.

But on the previous season of "Teen Mom OG," Maci Bookout told her husband that she really wanted to try to film "Naked And Afraid," a show where she is naked in the wilderness and has to find a way to survive.

She thought it would be a fun challenge for her. Her husband was more than supportive, which was surprising. Fans were eager to learn more about the show and her role on it, but nothing was shared. That is, until now.

Maci Bookout left everything behind to do this

Despite being the mother of three kids, Maci decided to leave everything behind to do this. She really wanted to challenge herself and she revealed that she was going to try out for the show. As it turns out, her episode will air later this month but she shared a preview of the episode on Instagram. She also explained to fans that this is the most vulnerable fans will see her, which makes sense. She's completely naked.

However, Maci Bookout has done many other things that could be considered scary and vulnerable.

She's given birth on national television when she welcomed Bentley into the world. She has also argued, been dumped, gotten married, and worked through issues with her husband. All of those things are very vulnerable as well.

Maci Bookout still needing protection?

Of course, Maci has gone through some rough times herself. Just this year, it was revealed that she had filed an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards.

The order of protection was meant to protect her from him, as he had threatened to hurt Maci, Bentley, and Maci's husband, Taylor. Apparently, he threatened to shoot Taylor in a drug-fueled rage because he felt Bookout was keeping their son from him. While she didn't post about this on Instagram or Twitter, it is something that could play a role in the upcoming season of "Teen Mom OG."

Will you support Maci Bookout as she stars on "Naked And Afraid" by watching her episode? Do you think Maci will share her journey on the next season of "Teen Mom OG," where she also has to deal with Ryan?