Having garnered a multitude of globe-wide recognition and ensnaring minds and souls both young and old, "Rick and Morty" is the animated television show that everyone is talking about, and everyone is eagerly waiting for. Open plotlines left in the previous season have left the fandom craving for resolve. The show continues to reign supreme even in its prolonged hiatus. A report by Mashable relayed some of the details for this "Rick and Morty" news.

If wasn’t comfortable enough news that 70 new episodes of your favorite animated television show have been ordered to be baked fresh out of the oven just for your entertainment, the show and its co-creators have been pitching and playing it big for the past couple of months.

From having uberly not-so-obvious public disclosures of making the show a syndicate to making waves amid big shots for a full circle of absolutely effortless mass publicity, this show is sure to thrive for years to come amid icons that would fail the test of time.

Celebrity soup

Speaking of big shots, "Rick and Morty" hasn’t failed to surprise the audience with its widest array of celebrity voice actors, all doing more than just mere justice to their characters. This, among various other reasons, has led to the show’s popularity reaching insanely monstrous levels of mass recognition since its dawn. A recent addition to this list, however, comes not in the form of a celebrity lending their voice, but none other than Mr.Yeezy himself.

To the uninitiated and the blissfully unaware, Kanye West reached out to his Twitter, not more than a month ago, publicly announcing his love for "Rick and Morty," and his joy that the show got renewed for 70 whole new episodes.

He also mentioned that he has watched all the existing seasons multiple times, to which Justin Roiland, co-creator of "Rick and Morty," was kind enough to acknowledge with a “Let’s hang soon” post, causing huge waves of furor amid the collective fandom. Because let's face it, Kanye in anything is absolute gold.

Touching the sky

Today (June 11) marks the 41st birthday of Kanye, and while the big man must be blissfully unaware of his birthday plans both obvious and not obvious, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, decided to do something a little extra special. She reached out to Adult Swim and the co-creators of "Rick and Morty" to make a special birthday song, just for the man. Not everybody gets the privilege of having Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith make a customized birthday song for them, not even in a million years, but Kanye being Kanye got it handed to him.

The track has a lo-fi chill beat with Justin Roiland providing a voice-over, wishing Kanye a happy birthday. Could it get any more wholesome than this? Happy Birthday, Kanye.