Last week's episode of "My Hero Academia" was one of the most awaited episodes for both anime and manga fans alike. The 47th episode of the anime series was titled "All For One" and delivered what the fans dreaded the most, the awakening of the shows mightiest villain of the same name.

Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the latest episode of "My Hero Academia," please do not continue reading as there will be a lot of spoilers ahead (No manga spoilers).


The episode starts with Aizawa, Mr.


Principal, and Vlad King attending the conference covering the recent villain attack. The reporters try their best to get on Aizawa's nerves by asking about Bakugo's aggressive behavior and telling them that it could be quite easy for the villains to brainwash him. However, Aizawa responds calmly by saying that the teachers couldn't tame Bakugo's violent behavior. It should be noted that this behavior is due to his uttermost desire for becoming the best hero.

The League of Villains still tries to convince Katsuki to join and accept The League's ideology, but Katsuki refuses and Tomura is left with no choice but to ask for All For One's help.

Investigator Tsukauchi gathers all the pro heroes, other than the ones teaching at U.A. highschool, and tells them about their next move.

At the conference, Mr. Principal acts very clueless to deceive the villains, so that they will not be able to see an incoming attack on the same day. Izuku and the rest of the team take a peek at the secret factory of the villains only to find that the factory is used for breeding Nomu.

At the villain's hideout, Tomura decides to restraint Katsuki, but they are interrupted by what, at first, seems to be a pizza delivery.


Suddenly, All Might smashes through the opposite wall and catches all of the villains off guard. Kamui Woods assists All Might and restrains all the villains at once. Gran Torino knocks out Dabi when he tries to burn Kamui Woods.

At the factory, another batch of heroes raid the entire Nomu breeding plant and this keeps Kurogiri from warping them to their hideout. All of a sudden, mysterious portals open, but Edgeshot confirms that it isn't Kurogiri's doing. At the same time, all the pro heroes are attacked by Nomu and Katsuki is teleported to somewhere else before All Might can save him.

At the factory, after the pro heroes find Ragdoll, an unknown figure comes out of the shadows and tells Tiger that Ragdoll always had a good quirk. Gang Orca orders the intruder to stop moving and Best Jeanist tries to stop him using his quirk, but a sudden explosion devastates the whole area and leaves Izuku and rest of the team in despair when they find out that the villain is All For One.

Who will win?

At this point, it is confirmed that we are going to see an all-out battle between Toshinori Yagi versus All For One.


This will be a rematch between the two because All For One lost against All Might years ago, but things have changed since then. Toshinori has grown weaker and has downtime on his side while All For One has grown stronger and assembled a group of villains as well.

Looking back at the season two of "My Hero Academia," when All Might revealed the secret of One For All, Izuku said that he can defeat All For One as long as All Might was on his side, but that comment left All Might conflicted. After Izuku leaves, All Might can be heard saying that he might not be on Izuku's side by the time he faces All For One.

So, considering all this "foreshadowing," the show might be setting up All Might's death in the next few episodes, but it would still be a big step for the show because, currently, there is no hero who is strong enough to stop All For One's wrath.

The relation between Dabi and Todoroki

There has been a lot of scenes that hint towards the relation between the two. Some convincing ones that I found are mentioned below:

  • When Dabi was first introduced to Tomura, he didn't reveal his real name and told him that "Right now I go by Dabi," which means that "Dabi" isn't his real name.
  • In the latest episode, Gran Torino knocks out Dabi on purpose and doesn't reveal his name as well.
  • Dabi has a fire-related quirk, just like Shoto and Endeavor.
  • Endeavor was told to guard instead of attacking the villains and the whole scene was very emphasized on.

All of this might be coincidence, but it wouldn't be surprising if Dabi turned out to be Shoto's step-brother because it was never mentioned that Endeavor only had one mate for different quirk combinations.

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