Kailyn Lowry and her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, have had a turmoil-filled relationship since they began dating in 2016 and now, years later, it looks like their son, one-year-old Lux Russell, is caught in the middle of their feud.

On last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," via a report from Radar Online on June 12, Lowry was seen reacting to the news of Lopez filing for custody of her young son. As the outlet revealed, Lopez hadn't been involved much in his son's life in the months that followed his birth but now, he's hoping to increase his rights to the child and begin spending more time with him.

Chris Lopez filed for emergency visitation rights

After Lopez suddenly filed for emergency visitation rights, Kailyn Lowry was seen telling a friend that she hadn't spoken to Lopez in two months and noted that her ex-boyfriend hadn't contacted her at all about spending time with Lux Russell.

“[Chris Lopez] said him not having contact with [Lux Russell] is detrimental to the baby and will cause harm by him not knowing his father," Lowry explained to the friend. According to Lowry, Lopez wouldn't sign their child's birth certificate, when he was born in August of last year, because he didn't want her to file for custody or child support. Now, however, he's decided to do some himself.

Although Lopez seems to believe that his role in Lux Russell's life is crucial to the child's well-being, Lowry feels like there is no one who knows what is best for the boy more than she does.

What happened during their court hearing?

After attending a court hearing, in regards to the custody of her youngest child, Lowry was seen opening up about how Lopez was awarded supervised visits with their son for four weeks and revealed the time would be supervised by his aunt. “Why can’t the person who supervises [Lux's] visits be a neutral party?” she asked.

According to Kailyn Lowry, she doesn't trust any member of Lopez's family to supervise his visits with the baby. “I’m upset still," she explained on "Teen Mom 2." "There is no winning," she added. "Lux still loses because he won’t have both of his parents.”

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