Three all-new characters will premiere in the much-awaited anime movie “Dragon Ball Super.” Since the release of the first-ever trailer of the upcoming movie, fans have been speculating about the characters that will be featured in the movie. There are several fans claiming the potential presence of an ancient Saiyan. Some others believe that a new opponent frozen in the ice will be the movie’s newest antagonist. Several others claim that Son Goku will travel back in time to revisit the planet where he was born and fight against Frieza and his warriors. Whatever the claims, this time, a new set of information confirms the inclusion of three new characters in the upcoming anime movie.


Three all-new characters

New information about the upcoming anime movie “Dragon Ball Super” was recently released online. The details came from the Japanese publication V-Jump magazine and were translated into English by the popular anime content creator and translator Herms on Twitter. The Japanese magazine confirms Frieza’s presence in the upcoming anime movie.

What caught the attention of fans, are the three new characters that are shown along with the Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta, and the fan-favorite Saiyan Son Goku. These new characters are teased as aliens by their clothing.

What could their role be in the upcoming anime movie? Are they antagonists or are they going to help Son Goku and his friends?

Who are the new characters in the 'DBS' movie?

The first character is named or Chirai (Chelye). According to Herms’ translation, she is the only female among the characters that are currently introduced. She has a moss green skin with white gloves and white and green foot apparel. She has white hair which looks a lot like that of Bulma. Actually, she has a strong resemblance to Trunks’ mother and Vegeta’s wife.


Another character is named Kikono. He is described as not really very powerful. He is wearing battle fatigues that seem to be similar to another character that was previously introduced to the fandom. In the Japanese magazine, he is shown with a pair of antenna on his head and his skin is dark yellow in color.

Aside from Chirai and Kikono, another new character is named Lemo. He is described as a character that wears the same clothing as Chirai. He is also teased as a possible comrade of the new female character.

He is wearing a dark yellow bonnet.

These three new characters are the works of arts by the legendary creator Akira Toriyama. It appears that these three belong to the same group. Most likely, they are working for Frieza based on their costumes. Comic Book noted Frieza in their article on the images. We will know more about them in the coming days. “Dragon Ball Super” is set to release in Japan on December 14, 2018.