Dragon Ball Heroes” is expanding the scope of the franchise. If the latest details about the upcoming anime miniseries are true, then fans will soon get to see a new and interesting planet. The team behind the popular anime miniseries seems to be very busy releasing many things related to the franchise. Last month, it successfully launched the mobile game titled “Dragon Ball Legends.” Before the year ends, they will release the animated movie “Dragon Ball Super.” For those who are still waiting for the movie, they are now all hyped up on the premiere of the anime miniseries.

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A new planet

On the official website of the upcoming anime miniseries, “Dragon Ball Heroes,” was recently updated. If you visit the website [VIDEO] today, you will notice that character bios have been uploaded and the story of the Prison Planet Arc is now available.

The upcoming project will adapt the story known as the Prison Planet Arc. The synopsis for the anime miniseries confirms the new planet will be featured. Thanks to several anime content creators, fans now have the English version of the synopsis of the upcoming miniseries.


According to the English translation, Trunks is returning from the future to train with Son Goku and his father Vegeta. However, the time-traveling Saiyan immediately disappears. Suddenly, a mysterious man named Fu appears and informed Son Goku and Vegeta that Trunks was held in prison at the Prison Planet.

The synopsis describes the place as a cryptic facility located in an unknown place between universes. In order to free Trunks, Son Goku and his friends need to find the Special Dragon Balls. However, an endless super battle is waiting for them. The promotional material further asks if Goku and the others are able to rescue Trunks and escape from the Prison Planet.

From the synopsis, you can infer that the time-traveling Saiyan is one of the first heroes to visit the mysterious location. It appears that even the god of destruction Beerus has not yet visited the place because of its location. However, fans that have played the popular arcade card game already have an idea about it. In the game, the Prison Planet is a set of seven planets chained together. One of the planets looks like the Earth and another one resembles one planet in Universe 3.

The planet that contains the prisoners made by Fu is located in Babari, which is a planet in Universe 10.

Lore [VIDEO] has it that the place has its own set of special dragon balls and these are needed in order to leave the planet. So, like the usual series from the popular franchise, fans can expect some kind of search for the legendary balls in the upcoming anime miniseries. “Dragon Ball Heroes” will premiere on July 1, 2018, with the second episode following on July 12.