'Dragon Ball Heroes' new anime caused a lot of speculation that has been noted among the "Dragon Ball" franchise fans ever since the announcement on May 17. A new anime show of the franchise will soon debut, Comicbook noted. Fans should expect a lot of things from this series. These include the fact that it starts with the return of SSJ4 Goku and covers through to the appearance of SSB Goku and obviously, to top it all, the pitting of SSJ4 Goku and SSB Goku against one another, Polygon reported.

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The first look will be revealed to eager eyes when the first trailer gets released on June 21.

New 'Dragon Ball' premiere date

A confirmation that the series will premiere on July 1 was shown on AEON Lake Town as well as in the official website, which puts an end to the speculation by fans.

However, to the disappointment of many, there has been no news regarding the release of the series outside Japan. Fans are getting a bit anxious. It is worth mentioning that the original "Dragon Ball Heroes" is a card game and is quite popular in Japan. It is a digital card fighting game and was developed by Dimps.

The story and characters of 'Dragon Ball Heroes'

A synopsis for the anime also confirms that a new planet called Prison Planet will be introduced. According to ComicBook, "Cooler will be featured and act as a surprising ally. Cooler will probably return, ganging up with Trunks to escape the Prison Planet. The baddie’s bio explains that Cooler will team up with Future Trunks to escape from the Prison Planet [VIDEO] they are mysteriously locked in." The spoiler of the first episode of the anime says that the ever time-traveling Trunks went to back to Goku and Vegeta to train.

Meanwhile, Okatukart reported, "according to spoilers from GovetaXV, the ever time-traveling Trunks went to back to Goku and Vegeta to train." Talking about Fu, he is outright mysterious, collecting the Dragon Balls for reasons unknown. The Evil Saiyan is the possessor of immense power.

The anime will be shorter than usual

The release of the new anime brings fans of the 'Dragon Ball' world something of a promotional anime. For this reason, it will be shorter than usual and it will have limited number of episodes. [VIDEO] Comicbook do not seem too sure that fans of the "Dragon Ball" franchise will be very happy with the anime as it is "not a worthy new series since it is non-canon to the main series." There are also some fears it may not even show outside of Japan as the card game itself is limited to that country.